Mantis season 08′ – training day 1

29 07 2008

Today was the start of the seminar. As I had heard the groups were suppose to be split into three groups. One of my classmates from Eng Shifu came to me and said, there is one horse cutter blade left if you want to buy it. I said oh, so that is what we are doing. Hmmm He said, yup , unless you want to do Bum Bu I thought hmmm, I said I thought I heard there was also jian being taught. He followed with you already learned that. I said, review is a good thing. This conversation was carried on a little while later when I saw him outside. He now added , you have been drafted for horse cutter, I laughed and explained to him the virtues of review. He still waisted his breathe trying to convince me to learn the new form, talking about moving forward.

Then is was time to start. We did a small bit of warm ups as we started a little late. The groups split, I told Hung Sihing I was going to be reviewing when he asked if I was going with the horse cutter group. He said , ah good. Then my student walks up to me asking where should she go? I asked Sihing, he said she is your student you decide. I asked Sisuk, he said the same thing. I said it would be best to review Bumbu, it is a complex form with several levels. She followed with, but I learned that last time. There is more to it than you think, I said. It would be good to review. Sisuk agreed. I said I can teach you Jian at the school, for here, review would be good, I’m reviewing. It is too much for you to learn the jian in 4.5 days. It is not simple. She looked sad, but agreed. I said trust me it will be worthwhile.

I went outside with the Jian group. and started to practice. Sisuk came and asked me a few things about what I remembered. I said not much, that is why I want to review. Hmmm he said, Chiang Sibak will not be happy, you should go over there and practice, do not waste you time doing this stuff. referring to the drills I was doing. I went to the side and tried to remember. I had pieces of the form but many gaps. I was not pleased and was preparing myself mentally to be embarrassed.

Shortly I get a call, to come inside, Chiang Sibak is reviewing everyone himself on Gun Luk Kwun. A basic fondation form for most northern Shaolin based systems.  I was glad and nervous at the same time. It had been a couple of years since I had done the form. So could only rember it in general terms. Glup. There were several others who had not learned the form or had learned it a while back, including my student who did not learn it. She had learned another Basic form from the Shaolin family, Small circling fist, before I learned Gun Luk, from the Federation, so never went back to have her learn it. They are somewhat alike, somewhat.

Sibak driled us and drilled us, and drilled us, I was glad. little by little I caught on again to the pattern, while he corrected the fine points. I felt much better when Sisuk was driling us, and he skipped a couple of moves and I somewhat remembered them. I put in some time reviewing the form , even when others were on breaks, Sibak came over and helped me. I think he was glad I was willing to review and practice.

Next we worked on Bumbu. This one I remembered clearly as it is one I review somewhat often with my students. It was still good to review and having it broken it down again. This way I am in harmony with what the standard is for the Federation. One thing about all my Tai Chi Mantis form is I had to relearn all of them over when I became involved with the Federation as I learned them differently in the LA school.

After working on just about 1/3 or less of the form we paired up and worked on application of the moves. NICE! One of my favorite parts. After 3.5 hrs I was started to get a little run down. luckly we were at the end of the night. We did a few power and endurance drills then broke for the night. I was glad I choose to review instead of learning yet another form, I had not time to practice.




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