Mantis Season 08′ – Training day 2

30 07 2008

I’m sore, but not too bad. I’ve been worst and considering my workout time has fallen off due to dealing with other life issue I’m not too bad. Day 2 was better in some ways and worse in others overall better. I started out before class started with a review for myself on Gun Luk. A couple of younger students from the Campbell school asked if they could practice with me. I said sure. We went through the set 3 or 4 times. I told them, I did not recall the exact order but I did recall all the moves. They thanked me several times later after Sibak made us do the set again. Even just recalling the correct moves was a big help. Sibak had us do it in a different direction than yesterday, so that threw me off, but I could tell when something was out of wack. I setup pattens in my head now to help remember the order. I think I will have it tonight… more or less. I will do it before I leave to go down to the school.

It is much more comfortable this year with cooler weather, we were dying in years gone by with temps in the high 90’s. So even though I had a few moment of, major sweat, it was because of the activity not the overall temp.

We continued with Bumbu another 4 moves. It is funny, when Sibak shows us a few things, then says ok, break, Sisuk takes over and says ok , let do it again… huh, I thought this was a break. 🙂

After several rounds of drills we were shown the application and drilled on that for a good while. This was one of the wises moves I’ve made in some of my training to just review at this seminar. I am picking up many things I did not get from before. Because I was not involved in the opening stages of the seminar I missed out on things the other seniors students already learned. Then when I joined after the first re-learn of Bumbu I jumped to the advance group and missed out on many basics. This has been great and just what I wanted. The other senior students goals are different from mine. Even if they are planning on teaching a couple are, they have no plans to leave the country, they wil have access to one of the others to review or refresh their memories. I will be alone in Japan.

We started on a new set of two person drills last night also. Containing blocks, traps and kicks. Almost like a full two person set, but only about 10 or 20 moves. It is cool. I recall seeing Sifu working with some of his students on it when I have been down on Fridays working on weapons. Also Sibak showed a bit of some grappling, grabbing drill. Nice. I will have plenty to have my students work on this up coming year. I’m glad also one of my students came to the seminar. We work together in the class doing the drills. I help her with corrections and it helps me to have someone that will know this when we are back in class. It will be easier to show the others.

I got a good job from Sisuk at the end of class.




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