Karmic Balance…

24 08 2008

Things have not been great, they could be much worse, but for real not great. I needed something positive to happen. To many negative events, on my birthday I messed up the transmission on the Boat, ugh!! I got some unpleasant remarks from some sailing students, flack from writing on my sailing blog about the school I work for, not to mention no replies to my resume’s, and other things which I will not go into.

Then the other day… there is a minor fender bender in the parking lot, our truck vs a neighbour’s car. great OMG! ok, I did not get upset, I figured, oh , well just another thing to deal with, life is like that, at least no one was hurt. Cars can be fixed. So off I go to work on the boat and tell LZ to just go relax, things happen.

I stop at a store on the way to the marina, to buy some grape juice. I needed a little pick-me up. There was a guy outside, he said, excuse me, I could use some help. So could I my man, I replied and went into the store. While there I thought, well, I can come in here to buy a drink, I’m blessed that I do not have to stand outside and beg. I’ll give him my change. I did so, he said thanks, begging is a drag. I smiled and said yeah.

I had been trying to correct the problem on the boat for a couple of days, with no luck. That day armed with some new information I set about trying again. Going slowing, with Zen patience I was able to correct the problem and get things reassembled. I was sooo glad. Yokata. I did not have to pull the motor to fix it, I did not have to buy or borrow a replacement motor to go to a sailing event I had planned on attending since last year, I did not have to spend money we could not afford to do the work, replacement, whatever. Yokata!!

I purchased a new (used ) bass guitar for my birthday present to myself. I had had my old one for some 15 ys plus. It was also hard to find strings for it because it was a special style of 5 string. I found a 6 String that I really liked at a really good price. Even though I was not with a band right now, I am writing a sound track and I’m sure at some point some music event will show up. Besides Japan is not that far off and I would like to take a good Axe ( Bass Guitar) with me. I had found on the internet a company that would buy my old BASS Guitar for half the price I was paying for my new one. So sweeeet I thought. This is a really good deal now, I got a good price buying the new one on Ebay. The company gave me a pre-paid shipping via UPS. I sent my old Bass to them. Several weeks had past I had heard nothing, the thought came, I been burned, ripped off by these folks, it could have been a scam… The same night as I fixed the boat, the payment check came…Yokata!!!

There is an older couple in our building that LZ had helped out from time to time, when they had a problem in their Apt. I see them and I speak to them in their native tongue Farsie ( Persian). Not a lot but a little. It shows respect and people feel more relaxed around one who can do that, more so a Black Man. I have taken their trash down to the dumpster when they have left it outside their door. These are the people, who car was damage. Who was at fault does not matter, but the woman went off ( got really upset) ( my Japanese readers my not understand some of the slang) when it happened.

Later that evening there is a knock on the door, it is the husband. He says, your wife has helped us many times, you always speak and are polite. Things happen, my son can fix the car, no problem, let us forget this, things happen. There is enough trouble in the world, you both have been good neighbours.

Yokata, Karmic balance…

…maybe this is good sign a job is coming!




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