The Redeemer

2 09 2008

Ahhh good times. It is good to be playing & creating again.It has been awhile since I’ve got to be creative. I’ve not done ceramics in seems like ages, not much in the way of graphics to speak of and the little bit of band work has been pretty much programed or scripted.

I’ve been working on a musical project writing a sound track for a audio play as I posted earlier.

I was unsure about how it would go as it is my first time doing something like this. But so far it is good. Not having to compose whole songs is different and takes some of the pressure off. But making the tunes that  which I write, fit is a challenge,  fun and cool.

We went in the studio today the first day of recording. It was nice to be recording again. Although I had forgotten the strict nature of recording. Every sound is picked up, every note needs to be clean. Finger noises are pickup from the fretboard and strings, breath, unnecessary movements on the chair of sitting, tuning has to be exact. Today was getting reorientated. Doing the opening guitar work was time consuming, we did many re-takes until we were happy with the results. Since I am the only instrument mistakes cannot be hidden like doing a live show with a band. Once the basic tracks are down, then adding the colors and flavors of extra sounds, instruments is easy and more fun, then one can experiment.

I was good to remember I am a musician, not a corporate spoke on a wheel. Well, even though I am not that at the moment being unemployed in that field, but it will happen again at some point.

There was some technical problem today so we did not get as much done as we planned but, we did now headway. There are 10 song to record, we did the basics on 4. Also got a better idea on the fifth where to go with it.

We can knock off the rest tomorrow if things go ok with the equipment. Then do add ons and polishing on Wed and Thursday. What is cool is I almost get to play almost my full range of instruments, Bass, Acoustic Guitar & Electric which I rarely do, & Flute. Maybe I can even get a bit of keyboard time in on one tune.

So for the most part it is just me doing the music with some aid from computer drums and effects. I needed something good to be happening. It is a good break from life’s ordeals in dark times.

The new 6-String Bass I picked up is nice. I like it alot , it has a good feel. I hope to play with a band with it sometime time soon. The Keyboard player from The ConcordXpress still wants me to do some playing with them and do some thing beside just blues. Right now time is a factor on practicing being it’s sailing season, but perhaps during the winter.

Anyway the Cd for the play is suppose to be ready by the end of Sept, so there is only a few weeks left to finished the music and all the sound effects for the story done and mastered. It would be great of it sells. The story is really good it is called “The Redeemer”.

I saw the cover art today as well, an oil painting by some awarded self taught artist. It fits the story which is kind of dark. It is about a physic who helps with a police investigation.




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2 09 2008
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