All good things…

9 09 2008

All good things must end, I believe is the saying . Today I went to the studio around noon. I had gone over the song we could not quite get on Sat. night at home at Shaolin studios and worked out what I wanted.

Mostly it was setting into the groove and keeping it simple. Like Japanese art, the beauty is in the simplicity, once I did that it came together nicely. A lesson that could carry over well into life ne! It is better to live simple and be happy, than have a complex house of cards. Yeah, very Zen I would say, so even in music the Zen mind works.

Anyway I digress. I got to the studio around noon, and we had at it. “N” the engineer felt we should redo the guitar part on one song. He felt afer listening to it it was too, dirty, distorted. I felt that from the beginning, but I thought that was the sound he wanted. So I redid that track this time on the Acoustic guitar. Much nicer! Still had the tension, but not so harsh.

I got to listen to all the tracks we had done so far. They were nice, it was coming together smooth after we got the kicks worked out. Next up was the song from Sat. I told him , “N” my idea and he agreed. I said good let’s do it. I also did not use a pick I’m much more comfortable using my hand on certain styles of playing, maybe it is from doing bass so much, I feel more comfortable with out a pick, unless really needed from strumming. This was a funky , picking , swamp kind of sound I wanted… it worked! I think it was done in one take.

After that was the Flute part of that song, for the re-visit. We did 3 or 4 takes on that. I was not that pleased with the first, even then if it was a long song I would have redone it, but we only needed a short sound bite. It could be trimmed to the better parts, so that worked out also. After some mixing and placement, Bam we or should I say I was done. because he, “N; still has 4 or 5 days of adding, mixing, detailing, sound design to do, before it goes in for mastering to be released. The play write will be in town this weekend to listen to the product. I think it sounds great, she should be pleased. I wonder if there will be a pre-release, listening party. Kind of like a movie pre-screening. I would like to see the finished art work. Oh, yeah I’m suppose to write up a bio for the credits, I still need to do that.

Ahhh, so, now it’s done. That was fun, I needed some fun. I was suppose to be working with another guy writing these tunes, but I guess he flaked out, so it was just me. I was totally unsure how this was going to work, since it was my first time doing this, but I think it turned out ok. I put together a little sample from just a held held MP3 player when listening to the play back in the studio. The quality is low, but you can get the idea of what happening with a few song bites.

I have a big sailing event coming up, so the music life with be finished up for a while. I noticed that there is a multi-style club right around the corner form the studio, maybe I can hookup with the Concord Xpress Band and put together a set or two and try for a gig. That would be very cool! “N” said that if we needed a Demo recording, he could do it. Always good to have some contacts.

Anyway, on to the next thing…




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