Trains, Boats, Cars, Sushi & Skype

21 09 2008

I was expecting it to be awhile before we had any fun things going on, since we just finished our weekend sail to Alameda, CA. However we got a surprise with a short visit. Team Tokyo came to visit the other day. It was a nice change for us to hang out with company. The two LZ’s got to chat in Japanese ( that would take some explaining, just go with me on this) Team Tokyo took the train up from their current part of the world. That they said was a pleasant change of pace for them. They got to see another part of life and towns that otherwise would have been by passed on the high-speed freeway.

LZ and I pickup them up from the train station. It was perfect, the station is only a few minutes from the marina were we cast off s/v Zen and went for a short sail. Well that is after a short visit and chat with a Korean couple I know, who make home made deserts and stuff to sell in their shop .

The wind was perfect, even a bit strong, but the wave were calm so it was a nice ride, juggling wine , cheese, crackers and ourselves on the water.

There was very little traffic other than one other sailboat and a tug, nothing else was moving on the water that day. It was a perfect late afternoon sail. Ending back at the dock with a bit of chilled shochu.

Our next stop was off to Geta Restaurant, which is LZ’s favorite. Great price, great food. We ate and drank our fill of sushi, fried eggplant, tofu, sake, beer (not for me, yuk) & misc.

The place is very small and very busy. Only about 4 table plus a bar to sit at. We were however able to time it perfect. I dropped the ladies off at the door while us guys went to find parking. By the time we got back they were seated and waiting for us. Nice!! People keep coming in a solid stream after that.

Many get items to go, some waited for a table. I was hoping for another friend & husband, the Okinawa team, to drop by, but they did not make it.

We left feeling full, happy, and pleased the bill was so low for as much as we ate, came to about 20.00 ea including tip! Hard to beat these days.

It was home to our place after that. Now that I did not have to drive and we were home we had a bit more to drink and could really relax. I put on a Kodo DVD and mixed up a green fairy for everyone.

Skype is wonderful I highly recommend it. If you have family, friends in far off places, Skype is the bomb! I called LZ’s sister in Kobe, Japan ( hi sis) we all got to chat with her a bit. It is so nice to see and talk with someone rather than just talk, webcam vision is great. Next  Team Tokyo’s parents in Japan receieved a call. We had a virtual toast with them and a few laughs.

Too soon it was time for bed as we had to early train to catch, before returning to the everyday stuff.

The next morning after I fixed the the crew an early breakfast which included a mimosa, we headed off to the train station.

We did nto have to wait long before the train came and they were off.




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