Friday Fu…Sept – final 08

27 09 2008

It was that time again to head down to my Shifu’s for practice. I was feeling a bit lazy about the drive and even going out. I had been in the house for most of the week, a couple of short furries. One of which was to the bank to pull out most of our money, which turned out to be the day before the bank said they were bankrupht!! We did not have enough money in there to really be concern as it is FDIC , but still…Yokkata!

My other short venture was to visit Sisuk and a talk with him about his website. The rest of the week was spent, other than my teaching class, in front of the computer, trying to dissect Sisuk’s webpage so I could update it, on facebook, Multiply talking election, and job hunting.

Anyway not much live people contact, as usual. So class was the most people contact I will have had for the week. It is over an hour drive to Campbell to see Shifu. The drive in a way is a meditation time. The traffic was fairly light, so it was nice. Time to reflect on our soon to be coming, in a few years, move to Nihon, our even sooner giving up our condo and move, friends, and/or the lack of them…

It was a quiet night down at Shifu’s only 4 or 5 others. I had brought my Jian but did not even pll it out. When I arrived, Shifu was on the floor showing some take down technique. It looked very simple. I watched more and listened.  He use hardly any effort. The others tried it, but could nto quite get it. I listen to him and watched. then I tired it. We could not get it. All of us used too much force and effort to do it. Shifu made it look SO easy and effortless. There was not even a pain factor envolved on the reciever he just was being forced down, with out power. I watched, and listened, It had to do with timing, balance and feel. we tried, not quite there. Shifu demo’d on me so I coudl feel what was happening. It was really really in the timing of the other’s balance. A small step in and light push to upset their balance , then as the tried to recoved, pressed down. Very simple, very hard. There were ways of inflecting some pain to help the process but that was not what the drill was about. It was about feeling and timing.

After a while I that I worked with another class mate of some reviews of two man drills. It is nicr working with a peer than my students, not only do I get to correct a couple of my mistakes, but the element of speed and power can be added. I had him show me a grappling drill that was shown at the seminar that I missed. a simple but good drill, I want to show my students. We went through that several times. Next up he and other went through a two man form that is on my list of thigns to learn. The Seven Star Mantis Two Man Bumbo. I have leanred the Tai Chi mantis single form and it would be easir to learn the other side of that, but eveyone says that it is not as good as the 7 star for training. I’ve seen the TCM version and it does not really match the other side. Tonight I saw the 7 star version and it does match exactly the single side. So that will be high on my list of things to learn next year.

After that, it was time to eat. Shifu had cooked deep fired chicken, someone had made corned beef and cabbage. They ordered veggie pizza for me, it was good! I was glad I brought beer for them. I should not have been eating that late, that much, but once in a while is ok. Tonight since it was   few of us, we sat and ate in Shifu’s office. Usually we bring out chair to the practice area. Tonight we did not. Also a change we usually talk kung fu, tonight we talked history and politics. Early USA history about Philadelphia and Philly cheese steaks, as well as historic stuff, Independence the like and the current politic. Even felt McCain vp choice was ridiculous. Also Obama may not be the best but he is the lessor of evils for our future.

Shifu brought up it will be our last Friday session of the year. Next month Halloween will be on the day, most will be out, Nov, is right before Thanksgiving (another topic of discussion), then Christmas in Dec. So we will not be having a practice meeting until Jan. There will be however the annual holiday dinner party. Amazing the year is almost over and what a downer it has been overall. Life is like that at times yang flows to yin, which sooner or later flows back to yang. It is the riding it out that is the challenge. I need to spend more time training/practicing, it is too easy to get caught up in the Yin aspects. Having good health and love are our most important life treasures. With that one can bare through other life challenges.

One good thing this week. I did get a interview for a job. it was a phone interview so it was just phase one, but at least I got that. I was concerned my resume was so bad or lacking or had a mistake I did not see that no one was contacting me. It had been months since I’ve gotten even an interest response. Of course having several thousand people applying for the same job no doubt does not help my chances when one is overwhelmed with choices.




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