28 09 2008

Green is the catch phrase for environmental awareness, responsibility, action these days. Appropriate. I have always been pro-environment it has been part of my spirit since youth. It developed a serious conscience in my Hippie/lovechild days of the 60’s, it matured with my study of “Zen/Chan” and understanding the spiritual connection with all things.

As Team Captain for the USA-Concord, branch of Eco-flag GSA I try to promote when ever possible Green Sport awareness. When I sail to events I fly the Green Eco flag. When I give seminars I speak of our connection. I brought the idea to the CCKTCM Kung Fu Federation the Green philosophy at our last tournament. They agreed to be connected with the movement. I was greatly disappointed when later I was told there was a change of mind. My first Mantis Shifu said the Federation “mind” was too “old world” It is clear now. No matter, my school will carry on with the Philosophy and support. This is part of the reason I have my school and do not teach for Sisuk. I need no one’s ok for what I teach or support.

So all this lead to I came across a post about a “green jobs” movement. :

{Green-Collar Jobs Campaign

The “green wave” is coming.

A new, multi-billion dollar economic sector is emerging, bringing new opportunities in green construction, clean technology, urban agriculture and energy. Our goal: ensure that this green economy is strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign creates opportunities in the green economy for poor people and people of color through policy advocacy, public outreach, and an employment pipeline – the Green Jobs Corps.} this is a nationwide campaign. One of the events was held in Oakland today. I decided I would attend and see what was going on.

The crowd was smaller than I expected, it was however good to see the large diversity of young people. The event was more or less directed toward the up coming generation.

The music, the talk, the job leads, the style. Not really much for us graying warriors. There were a few of us there, kicking around 🙂

The message of the event was good, the future is being transfered to the the new generation, there needs to be a new thought to energy, jobs, power and education. As well as stop the violence!

The message was well recieved… Hope is alive.




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