A Three Nation Jam

3 10 2008

As interestingly bad as things are at this time, there is also some amazingly cool things that make it a great time to be around. Coming from a childhood of B/W TV with 3 stations, they are mind-blowing when you think about it from that view.

Today started at 6:00am for me. I was up early because I wanted to log on to Second life and hang out with some of the folks there in English village. This is a place run a friend of mine in Kobe Japan who teaches English to Japanese mostly, via second life. On Thursdays there is a chat/conversation day. People show up and we virtually sit on the beach around a fire and chit chat. I mostly listen but I join in with a few things. That is my social interaction life, sad or what 🙂 At some point generally 7:30 the group goes somewhere virutally. Today’s “field” trip was to “burning man” a virtual recreation of the big desert event that goes on. But this was on-line, I had not been around so many virtual people before, I generally see 1 or 2 AT the most so far in my limited time there. At the concert there were 50  or more. Yes there was a live concert going on. Very cool music being played live by someone, somewhere, but all we saw was their virtual selves.

Now since there was a concert we were not suppose to talk, so we kept the music going and a few of us just connect via Skype and chatted while listening to the concert and watching the “people”. Now to give this more depth, I was in CA, one girl was in Tokyo and other in Osaka, and my friend is in Kobe. Think about that… whoa. Unheard of just 20 years ago or less even. The virtual world is exploding.

At some point it was enough, the folks in Japan needed to get to bed it was 2:00 am their time. It was 8:00 am mine. I needed to get stuff done, they needed some sleep for work in a few hours time. a short while later LZ calls from Osaka and I chat with her.She had found the computer power adapter she had thought she lost via airport security. Nice! That saved us 20.00 bucks.

I spent the rest of the day, reading about the first African American Sailor to go solo around the world. Also arguing gay rights to some Nimrod Christian Fundamentalist on-line. That was interrupted by a phone interview from a resume I sent out the day before. This is a new interview, it sounded good just what I was doing before. I have been setup for a live, second interview…maybe all those prayers have gotten a response…Maybe NOT going to Japan was the best thing…
I’m trying hard to remain detached from getting too excited about this, even though it sounds perfect for me and feels right. I’m trying to stay centered. Anyway, two interviews in two weeks, Wow! This one going on a second  interview…ommm ommmm

I had arrnaged a time with my friend to reconnect on-line to try out some music software. With this software musicians from anywhere in the world could hookup and play together live on-line. This sounded interesting. Him and I connected, but were having some problems getting things to work. It was our first time trying this. Another person logs on and asks to sit in. He said he could help get up going and jam along. He joined us and worked out a few bugs. We played a few songs together, he and my friend in Kobe had more luck than I did. Come to find out my connection is not fast enough I kept missing parts, there were wholes in what I was hearing. After listening to a few bars of a couple of song I guessed where they were going and was able to follow along, roughly. After while a drummer joins us but my connection was so bad I had to drop out. But before that, there we where a Horn player in Japan, a guitar player in Ontario, Canada, and Drummer in Nevada and myself on Bass in CA playing music together. Technology is great,.. when it works 🙂

It was a good day, I needed that, I hope tomorrow is better…._/\_




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