Omiyage おみやげ

14 10 2008

Omiyage is a tradition among Japanese where if you go traveling when you come back you bring a gift from there. Or if you come to visit from someplace else you bring a gift from whee you come from, there is other forms but basically if comes down to giving or sending a gift. When LZ went to Nihon to visit she took only a few select Omiyages because of our cash flow. When she came back she brought a few for me that the family had sent. I was not expecting anything so it was a nice surprise.

LZ also brought back a couple of small items we wanted from there as well for the house. The last time we were there we wanted some Mackerel Sushi to bring home. Meeting up with some people at the airport we forgot. LZ brought some home this time. Ohshiiiiii!!

There were about 8 in the box , we had 6 for dinner. I had the other for lunch

She also picked up a couple of traditional Wooden Sake cups, Sake Masu they are made for drink Tarusake ( the big barrel sake) they are also used at home for special occasions . She also brought back a large bottle of Bishonen ( Jousen grade) sake.As you drink the Sake you get this sweet woody aroma.

Okaasan sent me this CD by a modern Japanese group called ZiPang. I had found them on Myspace and wanted the CD, to have it sent over from Amazon would have cost over 60.OO !! Outrageous!!. We order it on-line and sent to Osaka as a local purchase much much cheaper. LZ brought it back with her, Okaasan gave it to me as an Omiyage. It is a nice mix of traditional Japanese instrument and modern instrument in a Jazz style. It is very nice, although not exactly what was sampled on their MySpace page which had a more Afro/Japanese Funk blend sound. I was a little disappointed. but only a bit because it is still a cool CD

On my favorite things to eat are Umeboshi, Japanese Plums. They also make sweet Plum wine from these. They are salty, sour and sweet at the same time when prepared as something to eat. They are considered healthy to eat in Japan. Many Americans do like not them at all. I love them. LZ was shocked when she found out I like them. My cousin also likes them, she is weird like me. I really really love the honey one. They are less salty and have a nicer flavor. LZ found a small package of low salt honey Umeboshi for me. I had a real taste of japan meal that night after she came back. Mackerel Shushi, Umeboshi, Bishonen Sake from Sake Masu cups. All I would have needed was a deep Japanese bath tub to bathe I would have been in heaven.

The other Omiyage was from my talented &  cute sister-in-law and her husband.I very nice Black lacquered and traditional art designed Phone book!

Nice eh! Lucky me !

LZ had also brought a few items for herself that never made it, basiclly some packaged Japanese meals, however the airport customs people took them, because they had in the dried soup power chicken or meat. Huh?!?! what the heck! We are the ones with Mad cow and bird flu problems on our exports grrrr That cost us $15.00!! Plus they broke the suitcase strap and did not even say sorry. How rude!! God bless America we sure need it!




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16 10 2008
Rick Matz

Great stuff! You made out.

16 10 2008


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