Ch ch ch ch Changes…

22 10 2008
Photo by H@ru

Photo by H@ru

I use to like that song by David Bowie, I said I had weird musical taste. It is one of those life theme songs that go through your head when things are happening in your life, well at least mine.

The last few days I have been in front of the computer, reorganizing, seeing where we are and making some kind of game plan. At least an outline of action. It feels better when one has some type of direction, even though it is not really in our hands how it works out. Like losing about 2/3 of our retirement was not in my outline, so much for not working all my life. It just seems off to me, that the people who caused this financial melt down get a bail out, but we the workers get yet another shaft. Life is suffering the Buddhist say, we are living then, validation complete. Kind of like pinching one’s self to see if you are dreaming.

I am going into training for a security guard license next week. There seems to be always work in that field. Not what I want out of life but, it is better than starving. I’m not having any luck elsewhere. It will give us some income and once things turn around it will still be helpful for some extra money. Not hard work, the pay is reasonable. I will not work where I need to carry a gun, but some martial skills maybe be a plus.

Speaking of Martial arts, I have no idea what I will do about my Kung Fu class and students once we move. Two of my students live closer to there than here, so it will not matter to them about the move as long as there are classes.  I guess I will need to do it old school style and teach in the park same as many teachers in S.F. Or get a spot with a YMCA or P&R dept. Maybe I’ll even pickup a couple more students. It could be a good thing.

Next in Nov. ( day before the election, yeaaa, finally over) is my graphic class, well actually it is a HMTL/CSS class. That will help my graphic job hunt. That class will end about the same time as my unemployment money does. So having some P/T work from being a guard will help until sailng season starts and I get some teaching classes. Interesting times…

LZ has already been researching places and areas on Alameda Island for us to move to. She has said that it was a dream of hers to live there before we left for Nihon. This is the reason why I picked that location, so she is pleased about that moving part. I told her to calm down since we do not know when we will need to move. In two months or 6 months, unknown yet. I just hope we can get a place with enough sun & space to grow some veggies.

Everything is pretty unknown these days, all we can do is batten down the hatches and enjoy the Autumn. I hope to get some sailing in before I have to put the boat up for storage.

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.”

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