A Scouting Party

26 10 2008

When LZ and I first got married and just before that we moved…A LOT within a 6 – 7 month period we moved about 4 times. Not fun! We did the roommate thing with some people, which was horrible and then got our own place, then finally purchased our condo. Now we are moving again. I had hoped we would be here until we packed up to go to Nihon. This being part of our retirement package. However the universe has other plans…

We went out today on a beautiful Northern Ca autumn day to scout out the area to which we plan on relocating.

This for me is a big deal in a way. Having come to Northern Ca in 1986 I have been in this area the whole time. The Force seems to say it is time to go. Other than LZ’s job there is no reason for us to stay in this immediate area. She feels she can transfer to another branch at some point near our new grounds as there are two stores of the same company there.

The City of Alameda is a fairly diverse little city located on an island next to Oakland. On the other side one can see San Francisco.

It has a several nice parks I found out today, which is good to know I can have a place to teach my Kung Fu class if need be. It also has a fairly large parks and recreation dept, maybe I can teach via their organization. On the Oakland side, which is separated by the Estuary, a large and busy shipping and boating center, there are many marinas. On the S.F side there is one fairly large marina which we spent last year’s Halloween party in with our sailing club.

Overall the city of Alameda is nice, it has big city convences with a small town feel. It is also close to Berkeley, S.F. & Oakland. We went by the area that has a large amount of nice, clean apts which overlook the Bay. LZ got very excited at the thought of having a Bay view. I remained reserved, reminding her that 1- We have no idea when we are going to move yet. Yes sometime within the next 6 months most likely 2- There may not be a place available that has a bay view. It would indeed be nice, but we have to wait and see. No matter she was still Jazzed. 🙂

It is good to have something to look forward to on these shadow filled days. It would indeed be very cool to have a view of the Bay and have a patio facing the water. I asked the I-Ching about a move to Alameda… it replied…Nourishing. When consulted about keeping our condo it said…Traveling. If you do not know about the I-ching I will not go into explaining, but think on the names.

After our tour of Alameda city we head over to Geta in the Piedmont district of Oakland for Japanese food. Such a cozy little place it is like being in Japan.

It was our treat for the weekend. A filling and Oishii meal cost us $30.00 for two. $15.00 ea is pretty good!

We had breakfast at home and no lunch, so it was not like we over did it for the day. We returned home contented, full and looking forward to a pleasant relocation. Nice!




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