Violent morning…and jamming afternoon

27 10 2008

I have not been too motivated these days. I really need something positive to get me going. Not going to happen seems like, I’ll need to find it in me to do it. I had planned on getting a sail in today, instead I spent the morning in front of the computer reading on the internet about these three guys sailing from Chicago to Berkeley in a small boat. Also watching the History channel’s Gangland series.

Having grown up in Philly for the most part I am familiar with gangs and the gang life. However that was back in the day. We settled most things then with fists, knives, banister post, car antennas, bottles, etc. It was common to settle things with what we called a fair one. Which meant that you went toe to toe in a fair hand fight with the person you had a problem with. It was not uncommon though to get jumped by several people. I find the reports and stories on the Gangland show amazing and scary. These people have no honor, no regard for anything. It is all about guns, drugs, and money. Things are settle with guns and multiple shootings. So shocking how life has changed for the worse in the streets. Gangland shows the way it is. I knew it was bad, but did not REALLY know, now I know. I’m so glad not to be a kid growing up in the inner city these days. What a country, no wonder we here in the states rate so low on the quality of life scale and high on the most dangerous places to live. I understand why many Canadians are fearful to be in the states. If they saw this show in Japan no one would come here to visit.

Late afternoon I got my bum in gear and started out to the marina. It was too late for a sail but I still could do some misc chores. I packed up some things and headed out the door. I got to the car unlocked the door when I heard it…

Music was coming from the clubhouse. There was a moment of weighing the choices. Do I keep going to the boat and do sailor stuff or…

Do I go Jam. Today the musican won, he’s alive! I went in to the club-house, chatted with the group for bit, then went and got my gear. I needed the change of chi & I had yet to play my new bass with a group yet. I did the recording session ( the cd is ready for sale), but nothing live yet today was the day. I spent the rest of the afternoon jamming some blues and light jazz. Nice. It is confirmed that I really like my new Bass. I still need to figure out the sound adjustments, that will take a little time to test for the prefect adjustment for MY sound. I look forward to doing some live gigs. Maybe the band will get something going. I do have some time these days to put in energy into practice since sailing season is done and Zen practice I will only go to one every couple of months. Well we’ll see what the tide brings.




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