Partying in the virual world

29 10 2008

I have been hanging out from time to time on 2nd life. For those you do not know what it is it is a virtual world on the computer. It has everything that the real world has, housing, job, oceans, mountains, countries, cars, boats, etc. Well ok not everything, no Politicians, or killing. Other than that is is pretty amazing. You can be anyone or anything you want to be and you can fly… sweet!

A friend of mine in Kobe Japan, teaches english classes there. On certain days it is kind of a open conversation meeting were we met on the beach, by a fire a chat. Today one of the ladies held a Halloween party in her space on some island I think.

It was fun, music dancing, they even did a theater play and afterwards they were fireworks. All in all pretty cool. People where there from France, Japan, Canada, USA, Australia and other places. Another time we went to a live on-line musical concert.

Almost daily I get invites to go to some sailing race and to come meditate at the Shaolin temple. Amazing, I love technolgy. Ok, Scotty beam me up!




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