Security Officer Zen in da house

29 10 2008

Today was the day I went for training so I could recieve a state security officer card. I never thought I would be going down this path. My Otousan was a Security Officer, he was ex-military. I thought that is what it took to be one, not that I wanted to be. “Back in the day” ( slang term meaning once upon a time or years ago) when I needed work I would look for a gas station job, or something in management. Gas station job are no more for the most part & I do not want to sit behind a cash register, they get robbed. Management is far behind me know and these days most if any available are in sales. I suck at sales! You really need a ceratin personality to do that. My opinions are limited. Another thing that got me by in days of old was doing some club gigs, with a band. That is also not happening right now. Sailing jobs… I still have a couple up coming , but for the most part the season is over until March.

So the Security field seems to be the way to go. I always see ads for Security personnel. I see it like actors taking jobs as waiters, to survive one can usually find one. Anyway…

Off I went to the Bart Station for the train into Oakland for training, as the sun broke the dark rest of night. It was chilly cold, it took me the whole walk to the station to get warmed up in the cloudy early morning air.

I got there with plenty of time to get my finger prints and other stuff taken care of before class. From there I went down to the class room to wait The two people handing things were nice enough, later I find out that they are the instructors and the owners. There were about 7 of us in the class. Four of the guys were from Africa, one Asian, another guy I’m not sure where from, and myself. One of the African guys was loud and friendly, everyone else was quiet and reserved. All seemed to be in the 30-40 yr old range. I sat, listened and observed.

The class started and the instructor gave the run down or what was going to be happening and some basic guide lines. Then went into an introduction of himself, and from there everyone else. The Asian guy sitting next to me, says my name is Toyota. Ehh I thought, Nihonjin, sugoi. I checked out his name on his paper it was a real Japanese name not, Eddie Toyota or something Japanese American. Hmm Omoshiruii I thought, I’m surprised.

The class went on, it was pretty straight forward. We had a manual we went through it, then answered the question with the instructor. At the end of that we had a test. An open book test, and the instructor went through the answers with us. Oh I thought this is a piece of cake. Then we broke for lunch.

During the first break, I asked the Japanese guy, Anata wa Nihon jin deska? hai he replied shocked. Then said something in reply like. Ohh, you speak Japanese!!, I am 3rd generation, but born in Malaysia. Then he said something else I did not get, so I said I only speak some Japanese I am still studying. From there we spoke a bit in Japalish. We ran into each other later at lunch in the Mens room. We spoke in japanese about what I was doing , going for lunch, I said, no lunch for me. I only eat breakfast and dinner.

After lunch we got into the second part of the class. The first part was about making and arrest and the duties of a security guard and the like. The second part was about Terrorist and WOMD ( Weapons of Mass Destruction). The instructor said, most of you will not be dealing with this kind of things, but it is good to know things to be aware of while on the job. You never know what or when you will come across something. Before 9/11 this was only one paper of stuff information on terrorist, now it is a video and a whole section in the book/manual.

I hope to never run into that kind of situation, but there was some interesting info there and helpful to be aware of anyway in the dangerous age we live in. Afterward another test following the same format. Then we were done Yatta!! It was now almost 8 hours later from when we started. We were given a talk about job opportunities in the field, told how long before we should expect our license from the Golden State of California, given our class completion certificate and sent home with congratulations. Yatta!

I stopped again at the looo downstairs and was heading out to my favorite veggie restaurant for a snack to take home ofr LZ and I for dinner. I again run into Toyota-san, in the hall time. He asked me about answers to the last test, they had given him a copy to take home to study, but he did nto get the answers. Daijoubu, I say I remember them, and wrote them down. He asked me if I was going home now. I said to get soem food then home, He suggest we go together for some food. Ok, I say and off we go.

We had a pleasant chat at the restaurant. We spoke of Japan, America, Jobs, the Economy, the new rise of open racist attitudes here, and some guy talk and other stuff. He had spent time in Osaka and was familiar with Kobe. It was a nice visit. I felt comfortable with him. He use to work as a sushi chief but due to the economy was having trouble finding work so a friend was doing some security work and so he needed to work and was taking this path as well.

We walked to the downtown Oakland Bart station together and took different trains from there, I went East , he went West and said we should stay in touch. I did not expect to make a new friend out of this. He is younger than LZ and I, but a nice guy. One never knows what the tide will bring, ne!




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6 11 2008

Nice article… thanks for sharing….keep it up ^^

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