Bad times, good food

5 11 2008

Just came back not too long ago casting my vote in this historic election, now looking forward to dinner…


sardines w/ oinons and mustard, basil rice, salad, red wine

As with many folks these days money is tight in the Zen home. We are keeping a watch on the food cost. that is one of the few things that can be controlled. It has certain advantages to this type eating, one is the weight loss. I’m on the Dash diet program, anyway to handle blood pressure and cholesterol. So the reduction of food intake and having good quality is a good thing. Just because there is less does not mean it has to be low quality or tasteless.

Noodles, Salad with mahi mahi, Dikon & sake

Noodles, Salad with mahi mahi, Dikon & sake

When I was a kid in Philly, good food was all about Hamburger, Steak, Hoggies, Southern fried Chicken, and the like, things that I have not touched in years. Which, in my older years has payed off, by avoiding in some cases, and in others lessening traditional family health issues. Food is one of our greatest medicine the other two being, exercise and meditation. Maintaining our greatest treasure is not expensive. In bad times even more important with the stress of life.

Mackerel, Tofu, Dikon, salad, Red wine

Mackerel, Tofu, Dikon, salad, Red wine

LZ is a great cook, and the Japanese dishes she has been whipping are wonderful and inexpensive.

One of the great Japanese dishes she prepared are some cold noodles with sauce and veggies. The noodles came form Japan as a gift from sis. They are hand made udon noodles, wonderful!

Noodles, Veggie & Calamari Tempura, Red wine

Noodles, Veggie & Calamari Tempura, Red wine

Congrats President Obama, we hope you are the food to heal America!!




7 responses

5 11 2008

That’s some good looking food there.

It’s my opinion that because eating is one of the core activities of life, one of the few things that we do nearly every single day of our lives, truly enjoying it can make a tremendous contribution to one’s overall happiness.

Eat up!

7 11 2008
Rick Matz

Hang in there, brother.

7 11 2008

Hi Zen… I’m glad to be back on the net and to be able to read your mighty blog again!
“Food to heal”, you say? Oh no! this is the very argument I tend to go mad about! Food is NO MEDICINE. If we regard, classify, food as a drug, we behave like drug addicts! In France, (sorry I’m French), food used to be an excuse for a bit of pleasure, a yarn over something tasting nice for its own sake. The first time I heard someone consider food as ‘medicine’ was in the US when I was a postgraduate student in Michigan. A lady said to her two young daughters in front of me: you must eat your yoghurt, it’s “good for you”… exactly what you’d say about some lousy pills you have to eat in order to stay in good health. My mother, or any French mother in those days (the 80’s) would have said: eat your yoghurts, see how nice they taste!
Anyway, more on this issue another day!
And congratulations for the election of your new President!
f r a n k i e

7 11 2008

Frankie that has to be one of the most amazing comments I have read here.

I’ll only say a few things,

1. I did not say food is a drug or to think of it as one. Not all medicines are drugs, at least in my mind.
2. I know some diabetics, if they do not take their drugs/medicine they will die.
3. Try not eating for a couple weeks, the “medicine” that will save your life is food.

Do not get lost on the finger pointing to the moon, so that you miss the the lunar beauty.

8 11 2008

oops… misunderstanding again! culture gap??? I’ll try to write a post in my own blog about this issue one of these days… and Zen, I have often run hungry in my life!

8 11 2008

Hahaha, I had a feeling that was so 🙂

25 12 2008

Useful information .Thank you.

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