Skill upgrade…Year of the OX

8 11 2008

I finished up my first week of training today. I’m feeling pretty certain it was a good choice, … worthwhile of the sacrifice to attend. Training is always good…life is training..One or another form of Kung Fu, Zen…constant training. Another Shaolin Chan practice. In this phase of it I’m taking a class on XHTML and CSS. , that is a the web scripting language for those you do not know. It is the way to go in the web design world, when constructing  websites. I had taken a class in HTML years ago It has changed since them with XHTML and CSS in a whole different way of doing things which is cool from what I’ve seen.


Anyway I’m enjoying getting the new knowledge and feeling like I’m moving forward. It is good to be productive and increasing the chance of getting employment. I see more that, of the few ads out there, more are looking for a web/graphic designer, than just a designer.  So with my designer background, my options will increase. Also Sisuk wants me to be more involved in keeping his websites updated. Hmmm wonder should I start charging the Federation for doing theirs.  Sisuk would say, yes. This is a time for business, one can not be so gracious.


The week was a bit of a challenge getting back into an, early up and out the door rhythm. Once in class I had a couple of moments during the day I would be REALLY sleepy. It was good that, whenever I wanted to get up an take a break i could walk outside to stretch, breathe, do some Chi Gong. There is a really great lake and waterfall there on the grounds. Excellent place to break, stretch do a little meditation if one worked in the building.


The course I’m doing is listed to take 6 wks, but that was when the classes were only 4 hours a day instead of the current, 6. Now the average I hear is two weeks. I’m half way through the 14 chapters of the text book. Then it will be advance CSS, I should be able to knock that off in other two weeks. From then on to “Flash“, another web-designer software. I’m hoping to have those things wrapped up by Mid Dec. Then I can at least re-register with some temp firms for some work. Another weapons training art, to aid to my survival kit or… medicine bag it could be called.


How many faces do you see?

I received my official state security card today so that gives me something else to fall on for finding some employment. Sailing season is over now. I was schedule for teaching a class last week but it was canceled due to not enough people.

Year of the Ox will be better, not great but should be better:


So says one description of 09′

“The coming 2009 year of the earth Ox also called 2009 year of the Bull or Buffalo is around the corner. It looks like we’ve got honest, candid and open natured year ahead. As you might guess, coming 2009 year of the earth Ox is dependable, calm and modest. Sun sign horoscope for the 2009 year of the Ox like his animal sing is unshakably patient, full of hard work and tireless though need financial support to fulfill your ideas and make your desires.”

another says this;

Forecast for 2009: the Chinese year of the Yin Earth Ox – 26th January 2009 to the 13th February 2010.

Following the year of the Pig (when we spent too much) and the year of the Rat (when we spend too little) the year of the Ox ushers in a period of methodical, patient hard work.  After the market turmoil that characterised the year of the Rat, life will become more stable, steady and predictable.  It is the year of the accountant.

The Ox is dedicated to long term success.  But this will be an Earth Ox year where creative ideas take second place to practical, industrious pursuits.  Two men born in a previous Earth Ox year exemplify the extremes of dedication to success that are the characteristics of the Earth Ox: – Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chapman.  Who can doubt their respective determination and patience to achieve their goals, even though one was loved and the other hated

Integrity will be valued, and patience the virtue that will drive people in 2009.  Do not expect immediate gains, but steady progress towards the fulfillment of ambition.

Unlike the Rat, the Ox is not a party animal.  Hard work and long hours will prepare us all for the tumultous and unpredictable year of the Tiger that begins on the 14th February 2010.

Property prices will remain flat, and although the stock market will start the year with optimism the uncertainties (and perceived opportunities) of 2010 will soon create more volatile market conditions.  Many commentators believe that property prices (in the UK) will fall by around 35% from their peak in early 2008, but after a 10% drop in 2008, the larger part of that fall will occur in the latter part of the year of the Yang Metal Tiger, and the early part of the year of the Yin Metal Hare (or Rabbit).

Expect international co-operation to try and tighten the regulatory framework to prevent a re-occurance of the banking crisis that started in 2008.


Interestingly Year of the Ox starts near the end of January this time.

I think we will be moving about that time…

I maybe working in a new line of employment about that time…

About the time of the end of the Year of the RAT

We’ll be saying goodbye to the other Rat…

in the white house.

About that time…





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9 11 2008
Rick Matz

Ushi Doshi – 丑年

9 11 2008

Good post. Yes, the importance of daily practice.


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