It’s Real…

12 11 2008

I’ve had my face deep into the computer screen over last weekend. Working on understanding and digesting the XHTML programing. Now I am getting knee deep into CSS . The cool stuff… I have been tinkering with the little I can understand and have made a few changes on the (upcoming) Zenkaze Sailing Assoc. site and figured out how to do a face lift on Multiply.

All of this is a major tigression ( my new made up word, as in The Tiger who wanders) from the title of this post.

After putting this off for as long as possible I signed up for sale papers with a Realtor today and started the packing process of the exposed vulnerables and things that may grow legs. This will not be pleasant having so many mixed vibes in the house, people coming and goings, the un-seen but felt, the no relaxing during the day, part…

this will be more training of a different type…

we’re moving …do not know when…

but, it’s on…


…It’s real.


“When life hands you lemons

and chili,

…find Tequila.”





2 responses

12 11 2008

I pray and hope that you will not have to sell. NO…

12 11 2008

Thanks Frankie, I already did the hope and prayer thing…the answer was, sell


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