Heart Chan/Zen @ Berkeley

15 11 2008


There was the second of 4 Heart Chan ( ZEN) Classes at Berkeley this week. Traffic was bad, parking was worse, but I made it in time, through the demons of detour. I’m glad I gave myself extra time even then I only had 10 minutes of wait before the session started. I think I did a good job of adding peaceful chi to the group, less talk, which I’m good at, and more chi emission. That was my task to benefit the group, spiritual support,  it is called. 🙂

I believe the ladies do a good job of explaining things, much of which I had heard before, but there is from time to time a different view on things or some bit I pickup that gets stored for future reference or dispersal when needed. The extra bits of cushion time is also beneficial for me.

This week, Shijie introduced a couple of motion Chan excises to the group. One for helping release neck and shoulder tightness and pain. Another for helping activate the kidneys. After that she went on to explain about the naval Chakra. How to find it, and send the mind and breath to that spot and some of the health benefits of doing that.

Chan meditation is not just about becoming enlightened and the spiritual mind… Everything is connected.. the universe is about balance…mind and body.



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21 12 2009

i like to know about the goddes and healing

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