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15 11 2008

After week two of training XHTML is now done, wooohoo!  I figured two weeks to get through it and I’m on track. I still need many hours of practice, but I’m getting a functional understanding of things. I think I will feel comfortable in about a month. I have several sites to practice things on until I find some paying work. I’m figure I’ll finish this section in the next 3 weeks, then move on to Flash. I figure by the end of the year, I’ll have some decent Web “chops”. (That is a musician’s term for having some skill on one instrument) so far…on course.

One thought I have been having in this learning process is, this is like learning DOS back in the old days. Now we have Mac’s and the Copy MCat, Windows. There is software to do this stuff graphical, but, I can see the benefits of leaning the code. It makes one more versatile, like a musician who really knows his scales and plays Jazz can play anything. Our a Kung Fu saying something like, A Kung Fu player can do Karate, but a Karate player can not do Kung Fu ( without retraining ).images-2

I digress,

I was thinking today, I could have purchased a text book and learned this stuff at home but, it is easier to be in a one minded space for learning.  Most of the folks in this class are pretty focused when they come to class. They come in, say hello …or not, then sit down and work.  The only bummer in the class  for me, is sitting one computer down from a woman who talks talks talks talks talks and not that softly. It is very distracting. The instructor says almost every day, “people are complaining the talk is too loud everyone, please keep the talk to minimum and softly.” This woman ignores that, …rude or what! Unbelievable some people’s lack of consideration. Luckily the woman next to me, who “the mouth” is talking with does not talk as much back  to her  ( most likely can not get a word in) and then she speaks in a soft voice. I’m surprised though she lets the other woman go on, and on and on… it is difficult to learn something under those conditions at least for me it is. But I Ganbatta!


On the Condo sale, I missed signing a couple of spots on the sale papers, so the Realtor has been trying to pin me down on a time to met up. I am postponing it if possible until this Sunday, when our guests … perhaps …the final guest here have gone.




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15 11 2008

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