The last picture show…

17 11 2008

Today’s weather, highs in the high 70’s, sunny, with some clouds and light winds. It somewhat like yesterday… with less wind. Yesterday’s winds where nothing to write home about, in it’s wonderfulness. No, in fact that day’s wind sucked, Had we went today the winds would have sucked more. However even with that, we had a nice sail, well …mostly drifting but, being completely at one with the Tao in this case, it was still a good sail. However, really though, all sails are good sails, when you get back dry, uninjured, and the passengers are willing go out again with you.  This was the case on Sat, we went where the winds were, and back,  and around sometimes, we enjoyed ourselves, we returned happy, no purpose but to be in flow with the Tao (wind), we were one with the Tao in sail…very Zen.


After the forgotten lunch incident, Which I will not go into here (^_^), everyone was hungry very hungry and ready to head to our place to Eat!  *All that was had for lunch was chips and salsa.  …The sail was nice, yeah yeah, but where is the food?…the crew*


Once at our place the hungry and weary water-travelers ate the forgotten lunch and settled into the home scene. I turned on the KoDo Taiko Drummers DVD, then we watched and waited. LZ needed more time to cook dinner, at about hour or more I was told. So the sandwiches would have to hold everyone. I, …by the way had no sandwich, I have not been eating lunch these days so it was not a big deal to hold off until dinner. my Mantis patience…


LZ had started the cooking process on Friday, her day off. I had no idea what she was making other than something with salmon.


There was also some chicken and some veggie chicken, Some new idea of her’s with deikon and a sauce on it. It was Oishii!. Also on tap was some goyza, a rice dish, some misc items. Most of which where LZ’s Creation. So a mix culture Japanese, style cuisine. If we were restaurant people it would be a good kind of place to eat. Healthy, low fat, filling , but not heavy, inexpensive kind of place.


Dinner went over well, everyone had seconds, LZ was the Star for the night! After some cookies and chit chat, everyone headed home for the evening. Except my cuz, she was spending the night. I needed to get her to the airport by 6:00 am on Sunday. (+_-)

It was a good day for a final event at the home place.


Today I finalized all the papers to put the unit on the market. It is for most intent an open house from here on.  We had our last big hurrah here. I’m sure we’ll have at least one or two more small hurrahs, before we leave. Many many more big one’s if we, keep our center on what is important and flow with the Tao. This was our last big group home here harrah. It was fun. Kami-sama, Arigato gozaimashita .




2 responses

17 11 2008
Rick Matz

Here in Detroit, it snowed today, and it stuck.

18 11 2008

Which is why I do not live in Motown 🙂

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