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22 11 2008

There comes that moment, no there are those moments we come upon on our journey.  Moments of awareness, the ahaa, moment, the change in one’s sight of something, moment, the realization that you are seeing …something … , yes even the world…differently. I had that when studying Graphic arts and realized I’m looking at pages, poster, signs differently. How they work, balanced, composed.  I look at clay, and pots and all it’s family differently. The transformation of form and spirit how and why.  I had that the other day, and realized, that not only do I look at a webpage differently, but when I look at it’s soul… beyond the mask, and illusions of colors and light, when I have my fingers forming it like fresh clay on a wheel. I understand what it’s saying we can communicate…nice!

I am a couple of chapters behind my projection for this week, for finishing up the CSS part of class. However close enough to feel on course. Next week  I’ll finish and start on my final project for this course-section. Then I can go on to Flash, training. I found out the other day how cool this program with the county is in truth. It is a nine weeks session on learning, XHMTL & CSS programing, so I thought…

The cool thing is that I can learn/retrain/upgrade as much software as I can input into my personal database over that 9 week course. For the same low price that I was paying for one session… WoW! Sugoi. So this is …way cool or… what?!


This was the first week the condo has been up for sale. It felt weird, sitting here, knowing that at anytime ( almost)  someone could call and want to walk through our home and inspect it… weird sense of unsettledness in a place that was sanctuary. One agent did bring someone by whilst I was at school yesterday. I burned incense when I came home, to change the vibe. I’ll need to adapt or be lost. Good thing I’ve been getting a lot of cushion  ( ざぜん) time in lately, perhaps it is helping…I could  have already been lost.

A great bit of news today hearing the unemployment benefits have been extended WoooHooo. Thank you ( never thought I’d that to him) baby Bush. It is about time you did something worthwhile in office. That will keep us afloat at least until April. Even better if the condo does not sell until then or later… Free Rent Helps Then it will be sailing season, I can get a fair amount of sailing work at that time. Hopefully along with some full time Design work or even part time, that will put us back under power for moving forward, instead of drifting in doldrums… Sculleying.


Anyway, the food is still good.. and we still have some to eat…


Allah be praised.