Holidays in Mantis land

24 11 2008

It is officially the holiday season now. Sifu’s school held it’s annual Thanksgiving party. It was also the same day as my younger classmates in LA. I was invited, but cash flow answered that one for me without a lot of thought. Anyway here I was attending Sifu’s bash, a much closer choice.

As I drove to the parking lot at the Campbell school I thought to myself it is rare if there is no one outside practicing. Sure enough there was a couple of guys outside practicing sword. I felt that feeling of comfort the comfort zone and home. Returning to the temple and seeing all is well.

Once I arrived at Sifu’s things were already setup and a fair amount of people were already there.  I thought that was it and it was not to be a large turnout, which is fairly usual. Wrong, more people showed up over the next hour. I was surprised at how many. Not that it was crowded, but” for reals” more than usual


I chatted with a few of the seniors on this and that, with that classmate ease that happening when around piers. I hung-out mostly with Brian Shrxong for the evening. His late father was one of the elders of the 8th generation. He ran the Hawaii branch school.  We spoke of Health and training, Hong Kong, Hawaii and the like. Also we spoke on his return to the study of White Eyebrow style, since he can not bounce with agility like before his near death accident. However he will still do some of his Mantis routines and practices with the SF/San Jose groups. The food was set upon once Sifu returned, and did a bit of cooking at the table and gave his ok to start. The veggie dishes were pointed out to me before things got going I was set.


There was plenty of food for all eaters. I got seconds some got thirds. I also had some homemade organic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, that I did so was insisted on by this woman I helped at the Tournament during the summer. I did not think of it as a big deal to help, but she did. You never know…

While Sifu was cooking, his wife sat next to me and started talking about her new challenge. Feng Shui she was taking a class on it. She told what she was covering and I thought and said, oh, sound good. Thinking she knew I was a Feng Shui Shifu and was just asking my opinion. While listening to her, go on and on… I found she did not know that I knew Feng Shui. The question did I want her to do my home was a big give-way. I smiled and said something, that said nothing. Then dinner was ready. She was a tiny bit embarrassed, I think to find out the truth later. 🙂


One of the perks of being an elder with the clan is that you get to go right after Sifu or close after Sifu to get food. Nice I was hungry.


This is the first of the season’s gathers. Campbell will have another Pdinner for Chirstmas. He Walnut Creek school will not have anything until Sisuk returns from his training trip to China. So I think they will hold the New years party.




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26 11 2008
Rick Matz

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Gathering with the people most close to you, giving thanks, and not (yet) commercialized.

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