Oil leaks, rain and wet Tigers

27 11 2008

bikeMy car developed a major oil leak the other day at the crankshaft bearing I think. Grrrrrrrr. I can do the repairs, if I have the tools.  That is the big problem, tools. I will check with a former student of mine who runs a Big Tires shop to see what kind of tools he has. Then I can use the lift there and his Harmonic Balance puller thing, the most improtant item. Yeah, technical words. I do know what I am doing, at least I use to. I was a mechanic once upon a time a long time ago… in a far off land. Now I hate dealing with it!  Yet, If it is possible for me to save about 400.oo in labor, I will do it myself… if I can get the correct tools.

The other part of this development opportunity is, I need to get to school, where I finished up CSS a couple of days ago and now am on Flash Lessons.  I need to get to school. Lucky for me I do not have much else going on right now that I need to travel. There is no Heart Chan practice this week, Which I had planned on taking BART to anyway, because of parking. I’m not working any sailing groups , so there is just getting to and from school. I had been thinking of late to start riding my bike. I can use the cardio work and save gas the World. Funny thing gas is now just under 2.00 gal. How did that happen? I thought we were in dire straights with the fuel problem. What did I miss? Is this a joke? By the way , with all the money the gas compnaies made over the last few years, they should be bailing out the auto dealers, not the government.

Gomen nasai…

I digress…

Anyway…On Monday I rode my bicycle to school . It took me about 30 min. Not bad. My former job was about 1 hour on the bike. This was fairly easy, no killer 2 mile hills to hump up…cool! Tues there was a 50% chance of rain. I had considered, stay home and studying from there. However LZ had her work shift changed for the day and I was able to use the truck…nice! I drove to work…50% chance… there was no rain!

Weds, there was 30% chance of showers. The sky looked pretty clear as I headed out for school. Today, I wore heavier leather gloves so my fingers would not freeze with the wind chill as I blazed along the streets. I also wore a heavy sweat shirt with hood and my somewhat heard waterproof kungfu sport jaceket. I did not think of foul weather gear, it was 30% chance of showers. I got to school easier today, I left in good time for me to travel with out having to push things like I did the other day.

Once inside the class I sat down to do my work. About 1.5 hours later I take a break outside… it is pouring rain! Doh!!! weather reports!!! grrrrrr

grrrrr, I did not bring my rain jacket or foul weather gear. 30% chance they said…

I’m on lunch break now…

Through-out life, there comes a time where you have to accept you are going to get a butt whipping and there will be nothing you can do about it. Sometimes it comes from a person…other times it is nature…

I’ll be one wet Tiger riding home in the rain…

…at least it is not snow like Rick has in Detroit.

Even in saddness there can be Joy.


In other local news our condo has been on the market or a couple of weeks now. Only a couple of people have come by to look. We, as in LZ and I were thinking, cool!  There is more demand, no doubt for at least 2bdrm units not one bedroom like ours. Then I heard from the Realtor, she had an offer to go over with me to submit to the bank. BUMMER!

We were hoping for a long drawn out process, so we could gather our funds better. Since I’m not paying my M-note, that money goes for bills ( like my car repair bill) and preparing to move cash. Oh well, all we can do is make the best of the Tao as it flows to us and Ganbatte! ( maybe that should be ganbaru, I’ll check ) I’m hoping it is not our new friend we had over a couple of weeks ago. He did ask for the realtor’s number. Hmmmm sucks! Oh well, whatever,  it is the will of the TAo.

I’m at home finishing this post. I left class a little early, and the ride home..in the rain was not too bad. It was light showers, steady..and cold! If this was Hawaii it could have been even more pleasant. Even as it was, there was a certain pleasantness in being out and pedaling. As I peddled past this one area, there was this peaceful lawn/park on my left, I absorbed it’s Wet Yin-ness. Yet on my right cars race to win that one car empty space , just a head of him. However he needs to get there now before that other person does, yang ness. I pedaled along the border of Yin and Yang, under a soft rain and colorful trees.

Once we face the demon, it is usually (^_^) sometimes not as bad as we thought.




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