OMG, bloody cold…

12 12 2008

It was a cloudy… misty…quiet, bloody COLD morning here in Northern CA. It was freezing my grapes as I mounted my trusty Zen-bike to head off to school, 35 degrees! Ice on the cars, crunchy grass. I was miserable! This was the reason I stayed in Southern CA for so long, it gets cold here in the North. I hate the COLD and there was plenty to hate that morning. I’m going to be miserable in Nihon in the winter when we move there., brrrrrr.  Yeah I know other places get colder, I’ve been in some of those places, and that is why I am not there!! hello! Philly, NY, Moose Jaw Canada, yup been there, did that.

Of course… being out in nature, one with the world riding my bike makes one more aware of the … freshness ( bloody cold) of the morning.  A good thing is I broke out my leather motorcycle jacket to wear. I thought it maybe overkill but I was wrong, it was perfect. The leather stopped the wind factor from cutting into my normal natural fiber clothing and chilling me to the bone. I dislike man made fibers, on my skin especially, they do not breathe, but there is a place for it, in the WINTER, in the cold. or on the water.  Wool is nicer but, not next to the skin.. ichy! I also dug out my pull down hat, because the wind on my ears is not a good thing! However, the cap was not thick enough, so my head was still chilled but at least my ears were not so bad. So I had to ganbatte!

So there I was, decked in a leather jacket, leather gloves, pull down hat, wool socks, three layers of clothes under the jacket, doing my health, environmental ride thing to school. It took about 4 blocks before the internal heater cranked up and I was starting to feel too warm. However I can deal with that much better than cold. Yeaa, I’m a cold weather wimp…so what!


I few days earlier I had tuned-up the zen-bike, new rear tire, adjusted the brakes ( it helps to stop), added a seat cushion ( which did not help my Bum). I had a mental & bike adjustment and was in training mode.

These last couple of days have been putting me to the test with the rain and cold now in full swing. Almost gone are the last of the hidden colorful vista of Autumn. These have been mostly replaced with dead browns and sticks.  Winter is here in Northern Cal. I fired up the house heater the other day. Hard to believe just a couple or so weeks ago we were out sailing with a light jacket. Now they are talking frost.

My body is still adjusting to the change of seasons, however I have not gotten sick like many in the class that are coughing and sneezing. It has been said by JMJM my elder Zen/Chan brother, that Zen practice helps you stay healthy. I have noticed a much reduced onslaught of colds, since I’ve been regular with my Zazen.  I still feel a few twinges, but some Emergen-C and early to bed has so far taken care of that before it turns into something ugly. Yokatta!!

I have finished the main three things I wanted to learn when I signed up for the class! Now I am working on some projects, on-line portfolio, resume and updating some of the website of which I am webmaster. It was a good thing to go to school.   I’m also working on a project for class so I can receive my certificate and waiting for a text book I ordered to show up, so I can start with Java-script.


I’m feeling better since the EDD extensions have gone into effect so we can hang-in there (survive)  for a few more months and I can finish up this group of classes, before I go looking for Security work. No telling when something will break for me in the design field. In the mean time I see that the security field is still active even in lean times, it was a good choice to get my state lic. it gives me some options, in a time of reduced paths…


There has been an offer on our condo, the paper work is being handled. I do not know if it will go through or not. If it does at least the new owner wants us to stay here renting at a reasonable rate. That is helpful, at least we can stay here until we find a nice place which to relocate. LZ has her heart set on a place with a view. That would be nice after living in our current place where all we see from our balcony is the wall of the building next door. I do not know what is going to be happening with my Kung Fu class when we move. There is a nice park near where we hope to move… It will not be fun with winter upon us to work outside, but… training is training. This change will rise the bar…take things to a different level.. for me as well as them…  Anyway, that is one of those things I will let the Tao handle.

One of the things I forgot to mention in another post was, I had not given much thought to the fact it is very close to Christmas. The other week when I was walking home from Chan practice, being in the moving slow mode due to walking, I really got to see the Christmas lights ( pretty) that have gone up. Yup it is that time of year and this year will soon be a memory. Time waits for no-one… This just in, I heard that 2008 will be 1 second longer than past years of man made measurements, this to account for the slowing rotation of the earth. A longer year of  Rat, whoohooo. (^_^)




4 responses

13 12 2008
Rick Matz

When does the wind chill normally get below zero where you’re at?

14 12 2008

Dude the hawk does not live here!!! LOL

15 12 2008
Rick Matz

Take it from me, my friend; if it’s above freezing and it’s not snowing, you’re doing well!

15 12 2008

Rick-san so ne! 🙂

The snow on this page is enough for me !!!

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