The lure of the Geekside

17 12 2008

images-2It rained all day today, all day and it was cold, 40 degree, yuk.  Yesterday, it was sunny;  clouds, a few of them showed up from time to time, but it was mostly sunny. Ok, so what you may say.  The weather called for a 50% chance of showers today, 50%, it rained all day. Yesterday was a 80% chance  rain, it did …NOTHING. I stayed home yesterday because I thought it was going to rain and I’ve no car. Today I got a ride in to school with LZ and walked the hour home in the 50% chance of rain.  I’m sure there is some lesson in there, as there is in everything, but I”m missing it… Unless it is, listen to the weather report but bring an umbrella. I did and my sailing jacket, yokatta!

moving on….

I heard someone say today in class that the new hot industry field is working for the Unemployment dept. They are hiring… a lot!

moving on…Slip n into Geekness

I have finished all that I set out to do with this web-development course. I finished up the XHTML, CSS and Flash sections. That is it for the Artist side of things… Webwise. The other parts like PhotoShop I just need a brush with up.  I still have a couple of weeks after the break to do whatever I want. I will be starting seriously on Java Script  on Thursday.

I read something interesting whilst pre-reading the Java-script book. There are, according to this person, there are three levels of Web Site development/design. 1- XHTML ( base) 2- CSS ( presentation) 3- Java script (behavior). Why is that interesting…? In Taoist/Zen thought there are three levels to our lives,  Physical, Mental, Spiritual. Balancing them is very important. In Chinese I-Ching Philosophy there are Earth, Man, Heaven. In Christian philosophy, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. So in some way, Web design is an extension of  “zen” activity, another form of practice. 🙂  Wow, how many other blogs will you find the connection with the Tao and Web-Design. I could take this further, but not today. Yeah,  sometimes I am really out there… 🙂 a real へんじん

I digress…

I can continue into the next section in ROP after Jan 15th, if I want since I am already enrolled. I am giving it some serious thought, I can still look for full time design work while doing the class. I have been having thoughts of doing  PHP, MySQC ( or something) and Apache. Now here this is looking at real geek stuff, the kind of thing that makes my mind overload, and go to sleep, but… it could mean getting work or not. It would also be helpful  with Sisuk’s work. He has been after me to step up my skills to do his website. He really wants me to get busy with it this up coming year. Not much money from him, but good practice.

Anyway good choice taking these classes, learning, being productive, instead of sitting at home, wishing and hoping. One should be preparing for the future, while living in the now. A Chinese saying is something like , prepare for bad times in good times. It should also be said prepare for good time in the bad, because neither last. The practice of Zen/Chan is not about just sitting at a wall trying not to think. It is about living fully in this moment and making the best of what one has. Like the old saying if some gives you lemons, make lemon-aide, or If someone gives you lemons, find some tequila. 🙂





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