Four days of Parties… 2nd stop

22 12 2008

leafIt was yet another cold morning here in Northern CA, it was suppose to rain..alot at some point. Lucky for me today LZ had off so I could use the truck, since the car is not well. Today was the school pot lunch. I was not expecting it to be eventful,… it was not.
Once the table was setup everyone started to put out their food. I put down the tray of Sushi that LZ had made the night before and went back to my computer to work. She had made fried sushi so American taste would eat it and it was just tuna, nothing that was costly. A westernized version of a couple of simple Japanese items. I had asked her for just rice balls, but she chose the sushi rolls

I left the tray still covered as the table was still being setup. It is about 9:00 am now. Once people noteing food was out they started looking at things and uncovering. I hear lots of raves about who made the Sushi, next thing people are getting plates and into things. I look again there is a crowd. I have been at my computer and I am shocked. Someone says from across the room are you not eating? I say, well , yeah, but I thought it was for lunch! Everyone kind of chuckled and said, ah, er yeah, but…you know…

It was a good spread, a good variety of things and a couple of ethnic dishes. Even a few things I could eat, like pasta, fruit, veggies and cheese, beside LZ’s items.Another whole table of sweets.

I ate a self-controlled amount of healthy and a couple of light tastes of sweet.

Now we are on two weeks break I will finish up my paperwork for class and this XHTML/CSS project.  I’ll be ready for a new section after the Holidays and to add new skills to my resume and expand job hunt parameters in 09′.




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