Oh Human…

22 12 2008

There is an elderly couple in our condo complex. They are from Iran. Whenever I see them I speak to them in what little Farsi I know. They are pleased with that.
They come to us whenever they blow a fuse in their place and LZ or I throw the switch for them. A few month ago, LZ hit their car, it was a two person blame accident. The lady went nuts, but the Old Gent says, forget it! Too many problems in the world to worry over a small things like this, My son can fix it. Since then they have and we have exchanged small gifts. This includes a resent small Christmas/New Year exchange.
Upon meeting the old Gent in the Hall the other day, he asks. “what religon are you?” My mind going through a quick flash of what to say. How do I explain Zen…and it’s none religion philosophy. I start to say Shaolin Chan. But changed it part way out to ” Christian/Buddhist “

He did not miss a moment and replied, ” Oh Human” and smiled. Merry Christmas.




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