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22 12 2008

the-yardWinter Solstice site updates

A bit of FYI on the  blog site here. I have added and deleted  links.  This is just a FYI for those who share some of the same views, interests, etc.

Usako in Kobe – ceramics

Japanese Handmade one of a kind ceramics and women’s Jewelry. A  few pieces are features in my Art Gallery. Everything is for sale. Usako-san also has a blog which has varied meals and drinks mixed with a few veiws of life from Kobe, Japan. The Site is in Japanese but, it can be translated.

*See her feed on the sidebar bottom*

No More Race

A Middlepath traveler in Southern Ca.  He writes on the Joy and Tears of Multi-cultural life.


…from another Middlepath traveler in Southern Ca  She writes on la vida de la ohos del Mexichica. My poor Spanish says. a view of life from the eyes of a Mexichica

Zen Moments

“Zen Moments is a collection of beautiful and inspiring true stories”

A Sailing Britchick In Japan

My on-line mate from Britain, a Sailor, we know a couple of the same sailors in real life. She own a cement  Yacht in Mexico & and condo in South Africa and or Turkey. Currently back in Japan teaching English. and counting down when she can leave..

“I’m too spontaneous for combustion but if push comes to shove, here’s mine. British for 22 years. American for 1 year. Japanese for 15 years. A sea cucumber for 2 years. Currently crazy. Saving money for buttock implants and a personality transplant.”…overboard


Ever wonder how a woman from Japan views things / customs/ life that happen in America. Here is one view. Written for Japanese speakers, but can be run via a “rough” translater.

*See her feed on the sidebar bottom*

The Buddhist Blog :

They call him James Ure
“A Western Zen Buddhist who follows in the tradition of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh but I enjoy teachings from all Buddhist traditions. In many ways I am an independent Buddhist. In addition, I am greatly influenced by Secular Humanism, Taoism and some Hindu and western philosophies. As well as some nature based beliefs. I am not a Buddhist teacher. This blog is a journal of my humble travels as I try to follow the middle path of Buddhism. Take my hand and walk with me for awhile.”

Right and Ron

Views from my Heart Zen drama brother in Southern Ca.

“This place collects posts from the deep down of me. Since Chan (Zen) is a way of life, I have quite some things to share from everyday experiences. I said them with a sincere and peaceful heart and mind. I ask you to have an open heart, mind and perspective before you read. Hope you find a new perspective here, and if you find anything particularly useful or helpful, try to apply it in your daily life. Chan is not about what you read or study; it’s about what you practice and witness. A lot of stuff here are very practical. I hope you enjoy it.”

See his feed on the sidebar  bottom*

Professor Merryman:

I’m researching the feasibility of combining different communication technologies existing on the Internet to help form a motivational process of learning English in a blended environment. Active Secondlife development on language study


I’m hooked up to Tweeter now. I’m not sure what it can do full as yet, or if anything for me… I may get bored with it… or not




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