Who’s reality is this…Hmmmmmm?

22 12 2008

Buddha hallI was reading a piece by TaMo the other day. This is his Chinese name. He is the patriarch of the Shaolin Chan system. The verse is :

“Heaven, Man and Earth. All that we encounter in these three places Comes from the mind…”

I also have a simple version of that: “We create our reality”

Sounds good ne! Ok well here is the question:

The world economy is in the tank, unemployment is rocketing, the planet is sick, crime is off the hook. Now, I know I would not purposely create such havoc ( if it is my fault , oops, sorry). Who the heck’s reality is this, what kind of sick mind would make up such stuff and why don’t they get thier act together and get a life…and stop screwing up everyone else?

Just one of those things that make you go …Hmmmmm 🙂




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23 12 2008
Rick Matz

… people are driving less, consuming less oil, polluting less, having fewer accidents and deaths.
… Consumerism is down as people ask themselves “how much of this stuff do I really need?”

The Lost Horse

Near China’s northern borders lived a man well versed in the practices of Taoism. His horse, for no reason at all, got into the territory of the northern tribes. Everyone commiserated with him.

“Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing,” said his father.

After a few months, his animal came back, leading a fine horse from the north. Everyone congratulated him.

“Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a cause of misfortune,” said his father.

Since he was well-off and kept good horses his son became fond of riding and eventually broke his thigh bone falling from a horse. Everyone commiserated with him.

“Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing,” said his father.

One year later, the northern tribes started a big invasion of the border regions. All able-bodied young men took up arms and fought against the invaders, and as a result, around the border nine out of ten men died. This man’s son did not join in the fighting because he was crippled and so both the boy and his father survived.

23 12 2008

Indeed, proof nothing is all Yin or Yang 🙂

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