Final Fu 08… A tradition is born

23 12 2008

With SiSuk in China training, there were no parties at the Walnut Creek School. Every year we spend with the other schools exchanging holiday wishes and cheers. It occurred to me, strongly this year, that my school does nothing. We go the the party at Sisuk’s school, as Shifu’s is farther away. Only I go to both, it is  giri.

Even so we do not have anything of an event at my school, it is just training. I usually do not think much about it as our number is very small and out of that only a couple put in the energy outside of class. With the closing of the “formal” school I tend to be even more relaxed with formality….yin/yang on the cost.

Merry Christmas from the Tai Mantis Kung Fu Asooc.

That is however one of the things that unite a school are their events shared. Not the location of the training.  This year I decide to make a tradition for my school. When I studied Karate on New Year workout, Sensei would have us drink 100 shots of Sake. Like this 10 shots, 10 kicks, 10 shots 10 punches, etc. I did not want to go exactly that route, but I did want something. Something simple yet, symbolic.

This was our end of the year workout and will be the first class of the New Year workout:


Bow in, to open class

Sit in circle and share 2 cups of warm Sake


Shaolin Chan Breath drills

Seated Meditation

Tai Chi

Mantis 8 stance drills

Shaolin Tan Tui

Mantis Single step drill

Small open door two person drill

Seated Meditation

Bow end class

It was a simple ceremony and workout practice. It covered the basics of training on several levels. The students seemed to appreciate it. We will copy the steps on the first class on the New Year. The only thing I need to add is the Chinese style bow and incense to a picture  SiGong, that will be on the New Year.

…a Tradition is born




3 responses

24 12 2008
Rick Matz

When I trained in aikido, Sensei wanted us to “finish the year right,” so we did 365 back breakfalls in our last class of the year.

24 12 2008

365 Breakfalls! yup! banzai (-_-)

27 12 2008

Tradition is a great thing, so pleased you began such an excellent one!

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