Four days of Parties…4th Day

23 12 2008

Sunday morning I needed to get up fairly early , but much later than I do daily, but not on Sunday, which is later because I stayed up late on Sat. Ok.. Moving on.


I made Breakfast for LZ and I and took her to work. Yup it was cold, but it is winter so it is expected now . My plan today was to head to the Fremont Taiwanese- American center. This is the usual meeting place for the Shaolin Chan meetings. Today were were to have a small Christmas gathering in addition to our session. I found it interesting, energy wise , to have the Yang of Shaolin party one night, then the Yin the next day. That’s just me.

I arrive at the stated time, but a find there are people standing outside. I am told by Shijie, that the person who is suppose to be there to let us in is not. They have been waiting 30 min. Bummer I thought, it’s cold. We waited together with the others that showed up fro another 30 min at least before we were let in. There was more to this than I’m writing but, you get the idea.

We got things setup inside and did a bit of chatting. From there we watched a DVD with a lecture and a drill from Shifu filmed in Taiwan. I was not expecting it. I had not been to a advanced session in a while and had forgotten the lecture DVD from to to time is shown. Shifu spoke on mercy and being humble. He told a story form the life of Buddha as an example. He also explained about activating the Drama eye Chakra and lead the drill. Chakra point and Chi are a big part of Shaolin Chan meditation, not just sitting and not thinking.

After the film we did our group meditation. I have not mentioned about the room as yet…COLD!!  One sister had brought a reflector heater, since the room has the heater turned off. I had been in this room before when it was cold, no fun. So I was prepared. I dress in layers and the final layer had a hood for my head. I also brought along my wool blanket. So when I sat I felt very snug and warm. however I looked quite funny. They showed me a reflection via the computer camera.  I looked like a alien. All you could see was this mass wrapped in a blanket and hood. You could see no face. I felt like Ta-Mo in this picture, but more covered.


We had popcorn, cookies and tea afterward as our Christmas snack-in party.  After a few conversations, we took off after exchanging holiday greetings and well wishes.





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