Christmas in Zenland

31 12 2008

In our bubble here in Nor-Cal I have tired to ignore the world stuff during the holidays,  so our Christmas was quiet and peaceful. Which was exactly as we wanted it. LZ had off for a change and she was mixed in feelings on having it, because it meant she would have to work on New Years day. To Japanese that is the big event. Christmas is fun and all that, but New Years is the big Kauna.


Anyway back to Christmas, we did not go anywhere. I spoke with my Mum by phone. #2 son sent an e-card, and #1 is Muslim. A few cards came from friends, and a we did Skype chat with our buds. In the pad ( that is old school talk for home) or Crib (as we called it, back in the day) we were warm and cozy. It was suppose to rain but it did not, no matter we had no plans other than to chill for the day. We did my little happy birthday JC ceremony and kickit (relaxed) the rest of the day.


We had put up some Christmas decoration around the house. LZ likes that Christmas lights feeling, we did all blue this year.


Dinner was Simple, looked good, Hot, Filling, and Oishii ( yummy)  and inexpensive. It was a good day in Zenland. We felt thankful.


Sat. we went drove out to Sac to visit my Mum. The traffic was horrible! It made me sad. I really dislike sitting in traffic. It does not get me bent out of shape it is just , sad to sit there being late. However before that…hills

We had a the chance to view the Apt that LZ had been craving to see.  We drove over there before heading to Sac.


It was in a good location, the price was good, the building was good, the Apt layout was good, the view was not. It was a let down.One can just see a sliver of a view if one looks across the top of the bulding . Yeah the one with the trash cans.


More so for her than me. I could tell before I saw from the balcony, when I was in the parking lot the view would not be all that. I was correct. Oh well, when the Need is ready the Place will come. That is part of that trusting the Tao/God/ Great Spirit/Universe thing… That on going lesson…test… whatever.

Ganbatte!  Yosh !




One response

31 12 2008

Yes, the appartment that is right for you has to be freed up probably. That will take the Universe some time to organise, now it knows what you both want!

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