Twilight Zone kind of feeling…

2 01 2009

The transportation vessel awoke early on New Years Day. I was up about my usual time of 6:30 am. It is still dark. It takes me a few minutes to get myself organized and awake enough to do morning sitting practice. It has been a couple of years now, I no longer think about trying to do it or how to breathe to get past the sleeping leg. I can focus on my breathing Chi now. Another help another great help I have now is my timer. It is  so wonderful, a bit ( the only) of a treat for Christmas. It is called a ENSO Clock it can lay flat or stand up. This is the timer to have fro your sessions!  I use it as an alarm for the morning and as a timer for my Meditation practice, Love it! What makes this clock so cool is. It has selection of bells/gong to choose from to hear, four. You can get the effect of being in a temple or hall. Also you can set the volume, so it is not shocking a jolt back to the world of illusions.


Next item from the day was some Motion Chan. I practiced, Chen Tai Chi first to get things going internally. Next was Tai Chi Palm Sword it is my second favorite Jian set also my only Tai Chi weapon set, so I need to keep it familiar. Next up was a Mantis set. One of the original 4, Lan-Jie another personal favorite. My final practice for the day was Tai Chi Palm, Our Tai Chi Praying Mantis, Tai Chi form. That along with some breath Chi Gong I felt gave me a good foundation for the day and start fro the New Year.   I am feeling good that I could even do these sets. For the last couple of days I have been in major pain. Back, shoulder, rib pain. Sometimes to the point of I would need to stop what I was trying to do and get my breath back while waiting for the wave of extreme pain to pass. Pain like near heart attack level stop you in your tracks pain. I pulled something when I was fighting a cold, sneezing. Then I went to Kyudo and re-worked those muscle groups…too much. Now the consequences…ow. At least I am healing I should be ready for first shot of the year on Monday. I happened to have a Doctor appt the next day of Kyudo, so he checked me over. Agreeing it was a muscle thing.  I feel like I am working my way into the New Year somewhat in the reverse of leaving 08’. I have Heart Chan on Sunday, then Kyudo on Monday and my official Shaolin Class starts on Weds.


As we have a Japanese base household, we follow that path on New Years, we have a quiet reflective New Years eve and day. I spent part of mine writing an article about the Art of Kyudo, Life and Zen…as I saw it. Our friend over at Black requested an article for his site-mag.  I thought it turned out pretty well, a re-write of something I posted here long ago. I had even used a couple of nice examples that came to mind to help with a concept or cross-concept explanations. All of this explained purely from what I felt in my heart was the connection or correlation in something and Zen wither it was motion or sitting, Yang or Yin Chan.

I had purchased sometime ago a Heart Chan CD that is played sometimes at our sessions. We do not have music going during our sessions, this is played before our sessions start. I had yet to listen to it. One thing leading to another, it had been sitting on my CD rack…waiting for it’s time.


I had been so pleased to find out someone ( thanks everyone) had translated more than a few words from the Shifu’s various talks and lectures. There is now an English book. A fine example of good things in small packages. My copy had arrived a few days ago.  I had only read the first few pages to see what was going to be in it. I did the forward, intro, etc, I had yet to get to the meat of the book…

This book is given free to anyone who requests it. It is an easy to read, little book. a Small donation is appreciated

I decide for NY’s afternoon I would read Shifu’s book and listen to the CD, perfect. It would be a good mind set to be in going into the New Year, on the first day of the New Year. So I started to read. The music is nicer than than I recall. It is not really listened to at the meetings as there is social stuff going on. Now it fits in the background for reading. It plays just at the edge of awareness, enough to hear without listening unless you want to. I’m a pretty fast reader and the book is very readable with the CD playing. About 1/4 – 1/2 of the way into the book and I get shocked!

There are several pages that Shifu is explaining Chan. Chan’s relationship to things, to something, a way of mind, of life, etc. What is shocking is several of the examples are the same as what I used in my article about Kyudo/Zen and Life. One of the examples about order in nature is almost word for word with the Shifu’s. I am shocked. I think Wow I’m on the right path, I guess I do get the basics of this. I recall the words about resonating with Shifu and a story brother JMJM told about someone wondering what to say when giving a lecture. When the person just let go, let it happen and connected to Chan in his heart, resonated with Shifu, the lecture went well. That is how I felt about my article. When asked to write something, I did not think I had the words. Once I stopped thinking in words and expressed feelings, how things work for me, Chan via my heart the article wrote itself. Now to see some explanations are the same as Shifu’s gives me a pleasant but strange Twilight Zone kind of feeling.

Happy New Year




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3 01 2009

Loved your post. Your practice is inspiring. Hope your pain subsides.

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