So it begins…

5 01 2009

heartchan-logoI thought that ending the year with some Kyudo would be good for my spirit. I was right it was, more than worthwhile. Even with the extreme consequences of acute pain over the next few days. The pain will be gone in a few more days, the three level lasting benefits will be around for a while. A fair trade off, sometimes you have to go with the “no pain no gain thing”.

Today was the first day I’ve really been out since last year 🙂 sounds funny ne!  It was the first Chan session of the year, I wanted to be there.  I thought that it would be good for my spirit and in harmony with the energy that seem to evolve to make this happen. Good ending , good start…philosophy. I had a bit of luck just before the end of the year, my car was repaired and cost me LESS than Half of the estimate!  Whooohoo ! How cool is that and rare !  Sweet!

Today I wanted to get the first of three New Year activities off to a good start. I headed to Fremont for Chan practice. My only disappointment for the day was, I invited a former student of mine to come Chan practice. I did not even get a reply to the email.  I was called and told how unhappy life/job was for her I thought it may help. Oh well, I tried… you can lead a horse. One of the things I still need to work on is not being so disappointed by the lack of courtesy by some people. LZ says I will be happier in Nihon with the overall manners of people. Hmmmm.

Our last meeting was on the Winter Solstice, this time it is the first Sunday of the year. It was cold again, I was ready I wrapped up and was good to go. As the group was small we sat in a circle and chatted about the plans for the New Year for the group. When I first started with the group there was only the one group to practice with here in the Bay area, now there are several. In different areas over the Bay Area. One of the topics of discussion was, having a meeting in Fremont as the main hub just once a month. More external focus places on the satellite groups. This works out for me, as I had planned on attending only once a month due to the drive. It will be a longer session to make it worthwhile for all to travel the distance since we are all spread out. It all sounded good to me. I came up with the plan to take my Kung Fu students to the Berkeley meeting once a month since it is on the same night as a class. It can be their feild trip and get to add some further balance to their studies. Perfect that one of my senior students asked about more meditation coverage, and I wanted to add more of  a spiritual training experience to martial training. This may workout well.

Another topic was that our practice was not just about sitting and meditating. Chan is more than just sitting. Our Chan practice is about living, the quality of our lives and how we interact with our environment which is an extendcion of ourselves…that is our practice…living.




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