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8 01 2009

8basicstancesTonight was my first Kung Fu class of the year. I had purposely waited until tonight so all of my students could be there including one who was going to be out of town. She sent me an e-mail at the last moment saying she had a cold, could not make it. Oh well.

At first there was only one student, then bit by bit the others showed up. The last guy almost missed the class. I felt I should go back outside once more to check and he was driving off in his car when he saw me and came back. The building is security so one can not just walk in. Everyone is suppose to meet outside at 7:00, he was late.

I wanted to have the first class of the year with a little ceremony. I got a picture out of Sigung, and placed beside it a little cup of Sake. I gave everyone a piece of burning incense. We did the traditional Chinese three bows to his picture with the incense. Then I gave everyone a cup of sake and we again bow and drink to Sigung.  This was the first annual year opening ceremony for the school. It only took a few minutes but took me several trips back to the condo to pull it off as I needed more cups and Sake than I had figured at first.  It was not much of a ceremony but it was enough I thought to give some feeling of respect to the late grandmaster and to add some tradition to the school for the New Year.    One student after class asked if we were going to have sake at every class now, I laughed saying you are not ready for drunken Mantis yet.

After that was the Chi – Gong then a 10 minute meditation sitting before going into the regular routine for the evening. It was a quiet low key class, with just some review. A student sent me an email later that evening saying that the class that evening had much more of spiritual feel to it. A  sense of being taught by a monk. I had to laugh at that, but was glad to get the feedback on the meditation format.

I had a former student come back after several years of being gone due to raising kids.  I am glad to have him back as it will give balance to the class for doing two person drills. He has a lot to catch up on as when he left I was not as involved with the Federation as I am now.

Well the new year is off and running, I have bit of new format for the class, with a bit more meditation added to the class, plus some new group combat drills to add. I need to still setup up some personal goals for my own training progress for the year. Time is moving on and before I know it, it will be on to Japan. I need to be ready as does SiSuk want me to be. Representing the Federation in a new Country I want to raise my game and not lose face.  I have 3 more years min of training with my family here before I leave the temple as it were. Once there I will really need to be …the Master and Ganbatte!

Sidebar: Things maybe quiet here for a while. I have nothing of note up coming to write about. Well at least here, there is a sailing race I planning on entering. That will be covered on the sailing site at the end of the month. 300 plus boats racing on the SF bay.  Things do change though. As far as I know though my next land event will be the Chinese New Year Party at Sisuk’s school, then end of the month training with Shifu, maybe not things of note to blog on. Then a Kyudo Winter Seminar in Feb. with a tea ceremony on the first day.

Web- development class is still going on. I feel like I lost some momentum this week with the holidays and my finshing my project.  I’m waiting to meet with the instructor on my next path action and discussion of my completed project.

Even though the car is back running again I have still been riding my bike to school, much easier now that I am use to it after a coulpe of weeks. It has not been quite as cold this week, in the 50’s not the 30’s and 40’s. Thank God for that!




3 responses

9 01 2009
Romulus Burnett

“You are not ready for Drunken Mantis yet.”

You are truly a sick bro, Zen. I’m probably going to be you when I grow up. I wish you much success with your class. Hey, Zen, what’s been going on with Zu?

9 01 2009

Thx Veng. Happy new Year, hope your Mum is doing ok.

10 01 2009

I love how you included the meditation segment in your class.

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