Chan Master Miao Tian’s Book of Wisdom

10 01 2009

book-of-wisdom-front1Chan Master Miao Tian’s Book of Wisdom
and Guide to Heart Chan Meditation

A long title for a small book, however it does live up to the saying of good things coming in small packages.

I was delighted to read on brother Ron’s site that he had completed a book with English translations of some of the Master’s lectures. We have been given handouts from time to time at the meditation sessions and retreats, however there is something about a book that makes it more substantial.

I ordered my copy just before the Christmas holiday and received it just afterwards and spent New Years Day afternoon reading. I love this book, it is simple and easy to read. The items covered in this little gem are taken mostly from what seems to be three books or lecture series: Chan and It’s life force, Introduction to Chan Meditation, and Heart Meditation Lectures.

This is not a book on religious ideals and dogma, this is a book on Universal wisdom, a way of living that is beyond the limitations of man made labels, forms and ideas of control that breed separation. This is a book about oneness, about cultivating our Buddha/Christ/Allah/Jedi nature in everyday things, work, relationships, school studies.

The editor of this book did a fine job of covering area/topics that would be helpful to everyone, from students with: Taking Exams with a Peaceful Mind, to Joe the Plumber types with Anti-aging: Reconnecting with Nature. Topics such as Living life to the full and Chan Improves Temperament gives sound basics for anyone of any faith, creed, color or national origin a guide to enhance their life now without conflicting with any path of spiritual organizational belief they choose to follow. The Book of WIsdom is about our connection to all life, all the Universe and all things in it. It is about the “Breath of God” “The Life Force“ that is within us all and connects all of us. It is about doing our best in whatever we do, not just for ourselves but for all who we contact.

book-of-wisdom-backThe second part of the book deal with Guides, Tips on how to meditate. This is practical information on how to meditate or improve your meditation.
Each topic/item in the book is only one or two pages. Fitting coverage for a subject that is not about words but about living and the personal experience of Chan, not the wordy intellectual theoretical ramblings of someone who has spent their life in school with their face in a book and not been out in the world, living.

This is the type of book that once you read it, you will read it again, a page here and page there, yet it will still read fresh.

In Summary taken from the book” The benefits of Chan practice are multi-leveled and multi-faced – improving health, transforming, temperament, elevating spirituality, increasing blessings, cultivating innate wisdom, and synchronizing a person with the Universal life force. Chan practice is not exclusive to some religions, religious sects or practitioners. Everyone can practice Chan.”




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10 01 2009

I’ll have to read it!

10 01 2009

Did you notice something about the cover design? The lotus on the front cover opens on the back cover, meaning after reading the book the heart of the reader opens. 🙂 I am glad that you liked it. I shall link to your great summary from my site.

11 01 2009

@ Ronald, yes it is a nice touch wiht the cover. Yi-ping did a great job! Please give her our regards and Gong Shi Fa Chai to you both 🙂


14 01 2009
Rick Matz

The only way we can improve our world is to improve ourselves.

11 01 2010
the art of war

the art of war…

…He wrote that . . ….

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