11 01 2009

book-of-wisdom-back1The other night (a few nights ago) I watched a show about the predictions of Nostradamus. I like watching those shows, kind of…

I have read the Book of Hopi years ago… Interesting,

I have also heard about the predictions of the Mayans also interesting…and scary.

New Testament..yup, been there read that, born again, had the J.C. T-shirt.

There are several groups, that have the same or similar predictions. Yeah, some are pretty off the wall… yet with the world as it is, perhaps not so far off the wall.

However…beyond all the false darkness, myth, rumors, media hype, and BS there is the underlying theme…We are messing up and we (not them we) humans need to get our act together.

Now with worlds economic governments falling apart, perhaps, just perhaps, we, I mean we as a whole not we as a few weirdos like myself, should give some SERIOUS thought to what we are doing, to the other life forms of the planet, to our food supply, to the earth, the air, water to OURSELVES! I mean we as a whole not we as a few weirdos like myself.

It is said that nothing ( man-made) is forever. All governments fall, those who do not learn from history will repeat it. What goes up must come down…Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, China, so many many civilizations, much much much older than ours, had their shot at being great… and now…

What makes us think we will be different if we do the same things as others did in the past. The definition of insane is doing the same things over and over and expecting it to turn out different.

Jheez, people WTF ( what the fudge) , is anyone paying attention?

We can put people on the moon, talk to anyone anywhere in the world in an instant, travel faster than the speed of sound, grow animals ( and people) from test tubes ( still have not got that common cold thing fixed yet though) but we can not get along for the most part or agree that we are drowning in our our waste. So many are lost in the illusion that it is all about how much money, things, land, toys, stuff we own or want to own. Fighting over, words ( this books says this, that book says that), skin color ( when we are dead our bones will be the same color) , rocks and dirt, sigh. None of which will matter when we are dead.

We’ve had these “date” things before, but doesn’t it seem a little different this time…with the world collapsing around us. Will it take yet another world war and wiping out most of human kind before we figure out, the path we are on is not the way…

Crimanny, with the world shrinking around us, can we not see what we do to others we do to ourselves. There is no them there is only US,… WE.
We are our brother’s keeper, we are interdependent on each other, The global economic  have have put that in our face!

Cut the crap, together we stand, divided we die. WE ARE THE WORLD. No one will save us, but us.

Hell is where everyone is starving because the spoons are too long to feed ourselves.
Heaven is where we feed each other with those long spoons.

Anyway, so much for this pointless rant, because the only ones who will read this post, already know this.

But maybe , just maybe, if we who know this, stick together, keep adding some positive Chi to the Universe, Meditate, Pray, Chant, Burn Incense, Drum circles,  write those blogs, talk to our kids, drive less, walk more, turn off that extra light, help that person who needs a blanket, a meal, a smile …

We can make enough of a difference… to save the world.

Maybe we can all be Heroes…

Ganbatte! ( do your best )




4 responses

11 01 2009

Zen – great post. I like what you have to say and will be back to read more. Thanks for the link, I’ve returned the love! Take care, Shirl

12 01 2009

Well said. Count me in. I’ll do my part.

19 01 2009

the problem with 2012 is that it can act as a distraction. Move us from the events of the now, the things we can do to change. Being present is the key to effective action.

beautiful blog btw. Resonates.

19 01 2009

We as a people, or better the masses are easily distracted. The powers that be count on it! The present is all we have ne!

Thanks for dropping by Bach. BTW I like your music and site.

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