12 01 2009

ninjaI was on Skype last night chatting with a friend in Kobe Japan. He is a Kung Fu teacher there and runs the Kobe Kung Fu School. Other than our topic of politics, and life style both here and there. I brought up that I noticed that while doing research on Kung Fu in Japan that there were far more females involved in the study of Shaolin Kung Fu, not only as students but as teachers. There is a big organization of Shaolin there in northern Japan, the head instructor and most of those under her are females. I found this surprising , as here in the states it is quite the opposite. I then recalled that most of his students were also female. I questioned him on that.

He said true there were only about 2 or 3 students of his who were male. The rest which were the majority were females. He said that the females there in Japan over all are much “stronger” than the men. They are much more likely to be open minded about learning something outside their culture and expanding their mind as well as being more physically tough. I asked have the men lost the Samurai spirit? He said, the Samurai were really just a small portion of the society back in the day. Most people were farmers and the like. The women needed to be tough. Those who know about Japan know that the Oba-chans are not ones to be messed with 🙂 Many women there maybe be Physically in size small but their spirits are tough.

kunoichiI know for a fact that the women in Japan live much longer than the men. I had thought that was due to the men needing to be at work most of the time. Overworking is common in Japan. Once the men finish work, unlike here where they go home and take life fairly easy, in some cases. The men in Japan MUST go out drinking with their Bosses and co-workers until late hours, then be at work the next day before their bosses. No wonder the population of Japan is dropping. The men are too tired and drunk once they get home to get busy making kids. Added to that the fact that once they get married and have a child, the sex life pretty much stops. They no longer look at their partner as a mate, they are seen as only a parent and do not think much of having sex with their partner.

So, the females in addition to having more time at home alone, if no kids, they have more time to spend on other activities with or without children.  So there you have a bored, horny, strong spirited, woman with free time and money ( the men hand over their check to the wives who control the money) on hand to explore what life has to offer. The popular thought in the west that the Japanese female is oppressed is a a myth.  So not so much Samurai, they are more like Kunoichi ( female Ninjas)




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14 01 2009

enjoyed the post! posted this on black tokyo.

16 01 2009

Let’s hear it for the girls!!! LOL!

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