Everyday, is a chance to practice… something Chan

18 01 2009

buddha-headI was up early today I had planned a trip to Berkeley to visit a Wing Chun Class run by a former classmate. When I was in LA studying under Dr Kam Yuen Shifu there was a Young student there training with us. Later he left to school to go study Wu Tang under another Shifu. Some many years later I came across him at another former classmate’s dojo grand opening in Oakland. Both were all grown up now and teachers. The former classmate who studied Wu Tang was now a Acupuncturist.

Some years later I drop by the second classmate Dojo again to find the Acupuncturist was also there. He now was located in Northern CA with his practice. He was also a Wing Chun Shifu, he had studied Akido with Steven Segal, he had also studied several other Arts and was teaching Zen from a Korean path master. I was surprised, we had a nice chat. He now runs a holistic health clinic called Turning Point

Recently I decided to go visit his Wing Chun class, I also wanted to visit the Jujitsu Dojo to watch some of classes there, maybe grab some action photo shots , that would be later. Today I had arranged to visit the Wing Chun Class. I make the 30 min drive over to where I thought the class was suppose to be, the location that one is lead to believe is where the classes are held going by the website.  9:00–am to 12:00. I arrive at 10:00, no one is there….sigh. I find out later that the classes are held at another location, the Jujitsu Dojo. My bad for not asking exactly where, when the “zen sense” flashed and I was asking if there was a class this Sunday. I figured that out later with some critical deduction and rereading the website a couple of times.

Anyway, I’m bummed, disappointed, irked. What the heck happened I’m thinking, on the drive back home, with my mind going Hmmm what the heck? I began to think of attachments. Attachments are not always physical things, but attachment are also emotional things. Sometimes emotional attachments are more damaging attachments than Physical things. This was my time/lesson to practice letting go and I got a cool picture. 🙂

The Zen story about the two monks crossing a stream with a woman came to mind.

Note to self: Everyday Chan is a chance to practice… something




4 responses

20 01 2009
Rick Matz

Your note to self is a very wise one. Thanks.

20 01 2009

Attachments come in many forms and yet they all originate in one’s mind – where we cultivate them. If only we could cut them off before they overwhelm us. Thus, the need for the practice…huh? I know this only because I do it too. (A lot.)

Thanking for being so open and honest in your writings.

20 01 2009

Thank you both !


21 01 2009

I meant to say thank you. I must have been tired when I wrote that.

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