The Great land is a place, to which the streams descend…

18 01 2009

LZ had prepared a dish of rice and salmon for the pot luck affair that eve. We headed over to the Walnut Creek TCM school around 5:15pm. The TCPM, Year of the OX new year pot luck was scheduled for 5:00, I figured 5:30 was a good time to arrive. I was right. We got there a few more people were still bringing in food, including us and the table was already full of food, drink and dessert. A line had started, good timing no waiting. There were also no more chairs I found out after getting my plate of food. I made my rounds for the greetings, of the students I knew, SiSuk, Simo, and my students who had came to join the activities. One of the students there found me a chair and I sat with Sisuk at the dessert table. My Shifu and the Campbell school and other local area TCM schools did not make it this time.


There was a lot of food, most of which as usual I could not eat being a veggie-head, however there was enough for me to fill my plate with, Rice and Salmon, Tofu, salad, Sweet potatoes, bread, a cheese pesto spread, pickled olives, some kind of greens with walnuts and Chinese something, and wine. I was good to go. LZ does not go to many functions, because she feels she does not practice Kung Fu and is self conscious about.


Simo and LZ

However Simo and the senior students there know her and some chatted with her and invited her to sit with them. She hung with me though and drank my wine, since the party was also drinking vessel challenged 🙂


While at the table with Sisuk he pointed out how one of his students there he  remembered as a kid starting classes and now was a PhD. yet was still humble. This brought on a conversation with another student , who is a Lawyer, about the nature of being humble. SiSUk said that one can be humble but not be a wimp, timid. That was different, one can also pretend to be humble but not be that way in their heart. He used another former student as an example of the fake humbleness. He also used a Sibak as another example, this time for true humbleness. This Sibak ( senior uncle) came to visit the states one time from Hong Kong. He was very unassuming to look at. SiSuk said, when he went to visit him in Hong Kong, he was the same way, from looking at this SiBak and talking to this Sibak, one would think he was on the same level as just an ordinary guy, a regular Joe the Plumber ( my words) type of guy. However, everywhere he went with this SiBak people showed him great respect, from the top to the bottom of the black and white community.  The black and white community in the Chinese way of speaking is not about race. It is about Law and the Mafia. Meaning the police and government officials and gangsters all showed this SiBak respect and he treat all of them with respect as well, with no outward show of his importance or ego. He went on to explain a few other things to the student then asked me, did he explain it ok, understandable. I asked the student have you read the Tao Te Ching? He said no. I explained it to him some of the Chinese philosophy and ideals of behavior and said there are verses in the book which is hundred of years old that speaks of this. About ego, power, government and the way of ruling, yet being humble. It is part of the Taoist/Buddhist ( Chan) Way. This is still held in high regard among traditional Kung Fu schools and people

How could the rivers and the seas
Become like kings to valleys?
Because of skill in lowliness
They have become the valley’s lords.

So then to be above the folk,
You speak as if you were beneath;
And if you wish to be out front,
Then act as if you were behind.


A skillful soldier is not violent;
An able fighter does not rage;
A mighty conqueror does not give battle;
A great commander is a humble man.


The great land is a place
To which the streams descend;
It is the concourse and
The female of the world:
Quiescent, underneath,
It overcomes the male.


A man of highest virtue
Will not display it as his own;
His virtue then is real.
Low virtue makes one miss no chance
To show his virtue off;
His virtue then is nought.
High virtue is at rest;
It knows no need to act.
Low virtue is a busyness
Pretending to accomplishment.





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21 01 2009

I thought this site must be a realistis gift to your next generation….

22 01 2009

Hai so desu Kuma -san

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