Friday Fu…Jan 09

1 02 2009

I never know what to expect when I go to class on our monthly advance student gathering with Shifu. Well other than there will be some food and social interaction with my peers.

When I arrived on this past Friday, the place looked dead. I was surprised. The roll down door was closed, which I have only seen when there is a party inside and it is cold. It was not that cold, tonight, cold yes, but i was also layered. I did not  see from driving past if anyone was inside practicing. I made a second pass in front of hte door and thought I made out someone and Shifu in his high back chair. I parked and went in.
Ah yes there was Shifu and a couple of others, including Art Shixiong. Ok, I figured it was going to be a slow night.

I started warming up and started after a while practicing my Taiji ( Tai Chi). Slowly slowly a few others came in. still a small group for the night. Another Shixiong tuned up. He is the one that had the major life saving operation. He interestingly started talking about Wing Chun and White Eyebrow. He is taken more interest in those since he can not move and jump as before. We three discussed the merits of them and I went through a small bit of Chi Sao with Brian Shixiong. He then crossed referenced something we had spoke of earlier on one of the Advance Mantis sets. During our brief Chi Sao encounter I found myself fighting the instinct the do Mantis and a couple of time tied up his arms. Shifu joined in the discussion and told of how Northern Shaolin Player neutralized some of the WIng Chun attacks. Also about how in the old days the way one tested they style was to challenge others. That was common. It was agreed by all of us all style are good, and the old saying of Southern Hands , northern Legs,  it is however the man that makes the style.


Another topic was when I was practicing Lan Jie , it came up that. There are three ways of writing Lan Jie in Chinese and three translation. Shifu explained how they came about and what the writing meant, with why one one more appropriate than another. He went through this and some other things on the white board so we could see. Part of the misunderstanding came from, some of the old masters spoke only Mandarin and did not write. So when speaking to someone who only spoke Cantonese there was a problem in understanding. One of his examples was when he studied with Master Chu Kai he said he would teach him something call Ba Jao. Shifu thought he was saying Eight Claws, however later Sigung who could write showed him it was Eight Elbows.

From there the topic went to something about Kaun Kung and his three brothers. I said oh, these guys in the picture? There are famous paintings of General Kuan Kung with his two brothers, sometimes sitting , sometimes standing.  Those who know of these painting often see them as the General with a red face and a paler color guy, but not white and a black or dark brown faced person. Anyway Shifu, said no, no, not this one. Then pointing to the painting he said, this guy on his left is his adopted son, the guy on his right is his servant. They all took his ( the generals) last name. The guy on the right is Black. He said imagine that , I’m not sure where is is from , most likely Africa., said Shifu. There were several Africans in Chinese history involved in old China. One was a famous Judge.  This got me to recall that it is said that Lao Tzu was of very dark completion, with woolly hair. It is thought by some he was a Blackman or perhaps mixed. There are ( is/were) ancient Chinese settlements in Africa.

The rest of the evening fro me was spent doing push hands with Art Shixong. at first it was just some practice for me, which involved into some instruction for me on application. very cool. Working applications is one of Shixong favorite things. He enjoys getting into some type of trap and working a way out. I also enjoy the two person drills and working the techniques. I was sore the next day.

Just before eating time a cop/sheriff shows up. He speaks with Shifu and a couple of the other studetns abotu soem things which I did not catch; Then he breaks out his camera and shows them some pictures from an earlier drunk driving accidents that happened earlier that night. The talk was very casual. He aske dwhat was going on, and it was expalined it was our advanced student monthly gathering. I gatehred after a while he was one of Shifu’s students. He hung out with us for a while while we ate and chatted, then went back to work, he was still on duty.

It was an interesting night.




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2 02 2009

Brothers have always been around!

2 02 2009

Si es verdad. Pero no fue en favor. Pero aorra ” The boys are back in town”( or something like that , my Spanish is rusty)

3 02 2009
Rick Matz

I think styles are training methods, period.

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