Great Power…

7 02 2009

Great Power. There is an advantage in correct persistence..#34…I-ching


I’m tired, my mind is weary. It is good  I have some positive outlets and inputs, Meditation, Kung Fu, the occasional sail, this blog and it’s 4 or 5 readers, I could lose it otherwise. Doubtful, but it could happen.  All the downers in the news and in the air. Sigh. I would really like to play with a good band and make some ceramics.   That would be great, no that would be wonderful! Today is Friday as I start this, we put in the application for the new Apt a week ago. Finally after waiting 3 days past when I was told I would be contacted, I hear I need to wait longer. Then, perhaps next Tues., perhaps. I was ready today to hear, no sorry, because I had a feeling something was off and mentally worked out letting it go. Then when I heard there was some concern about our current situation with the short sale, which is listed as a foreclose on the all mighty credit report. I knew it would be a problem. I had hoped in my heart to get the rejection, so at least it was done. It was not in God’s plan, not in the flow of the Tao. I could let it go and we could move on to another plan, being still. No, not so simple. Since our credit report is excellent other than this mark which I explained it was not a foreclose, which meant eviction in the eyes of management of the Apt, It had to be placed in the hands of their attorney for advise. Sigh…this meant still more waiting. Not a big deal if not for the new to be owner wanting to know if we are moving are not. Ok, More stillness practice. Pushing the endurance limits, like sitting for an hour instead of the 30 min, you have gotten comfortable with. Or doing stance training with an elder and they decide to go past the standard 3 or 4 min stance to 10 min to push you but not tell you in advance …surprise. Oh well it just more training. On the good side of this is they do not just rent to anyone. We have had some questionable people renting units in our condo building. So there is that two sided sword, Yin/Yang, Joy within Saddness , Perspective thing the Universe has going on.

LZ says they do not have this in Japan. Everything is mostly cash, so there is no real credit report following you around per se, it is about the cash in your bank and your job. In Japan if you miss a payment, they do not charge you some out landish fine, they just loan the money to your account. Of course they have their own problems with other things. Their economy is also in the tank right now. No where is perfect on this earth, and right now everywhere is in the crapper. Anyway , LZ says in Japan there is a saying good news comes later. Japanese like Chinese have old saying about many things. Not surprising since a large part of thier culture was developed from China.

Funny thing is this kind of reminds me of when trying to buy our condo, all the hoops, checks and papers…waiting. Now we’re just trying to rent a place and are back to jumping through hoops, and checks and papers. Sigh…om ommm ommmm 🙂

So yes the title of this post. I did a I-Ching reading last week, I’m always testing. The question was, concerning this Apt, should we pursure it?  I got a moving Hexagram… #34 to #1

With some inner text meaning, to me, after some difficulty …Success.


Creative Power brings exceptional progress. There is an advantage in correct persistence…  #1- I-ching


It’ll be interesting to see how this works out. In the mean time…meditation2

Ommmmmmmmmmm   🙂

we do not really say Ommm in Chan, just lighting things up.




6 responses

8 02 2009

They don’t use credit reports in Japan? Earnest and I are packing and moving to Japan!!

8 02 2009

Cool , come on over, we can use some more familia there! 🙂

8 02 2009

Same atmosphere here with me… waiting for Godot! Good news come later. Spring follows winter. Yeah! sure! Count your blessings, etc. I want to climb to the top of a high mountain and scream!!!

8 02 2009


and sometimes that is just the right behavior. (^_^)

8 02 2009

Oh I so hope this works out for you. I too, have a short sale in my recent past so I can relate. I hope our credit system begins to recognize this as the number of short sales grows by the second. There is a huge population of those who are not financially irresponsible, just caught up in this mess. My very best to you. Shirl

9 02 2009

Thanks Shirl!

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