“you are a spirit having a human experience”

11 02 2009

I picked up this title from a person on Twitter’s blog, a musician-philosopher. Few in words, deep in it’s simplicity.  Very Zen ne! Twitter is new to me and I’m just getting the hang of things. There are some interesting folks there. Some I know from Facebook, most are new.  I thought I was hooked up to the Dalai Lama , but he was just a poser not the real deal. There is however President Obama, Yoko Ono and Thich Nhat Han, there are of course many many other celebrities, but these three are followers to my posts. Which is kind of surprising to me. Anyway there are many interesting folks out there in the world. I wonder what kind of impact this has on world relations, with so many people communicating with each other and being less and less strangers. It would weird if the internet were some type of messiah, a great unifier of humanity of sorts.


heartchan-logoWe had a pre-opening Chan meeting last Thursday. Just a small group meeting in Berkeley. One of my Shaolin students who had expressed and interest came along. It was a simple meeting, covering some basics for my student. He said he enjoyed it and would return.  He has come along way in his spiritual development from when he first started with me and only wanted to kick butt.

My elder sister who leads the class, asked when we were leaving, how is it I decided this was the “Path” for me. She said she is Chinese and it took her a while to understand what was going on and make the choice to follow Heart Chan. I explained for me, my background was rooted in Shaolin studies, the Martial aspects, Healing,  Health, the Tao, balance etc. As well as Feng Shui, Yoga all of them in some way spoke of “cChi”  or “Ki” in Japanese, the life force that is when us all and all things that exist. Even my Native American Studies include this “Great Spirit” . To find a “Zen” practice that based it’s meditation on Chi and it’s movement and connection to the Universe was for me a no brainer. It just clicked. It brought everything together, without the limiting dogma of religious labels.  We are, everything is some from of manifestation of this Universal Chi. From the audio manifestation of music to plants and animals. Even if it is all illusions as some say, there must be some medium, some receptor, some projector of these illusions. For lack of a better word, Chi or Spirit will do. The label does not matter.

“The Tao that can be named is not the True Tao”

On Sunday past we had our monthly advance Chan gathering. This is where the local groups gather for group meditation and sharing. It is interesting to see the growth of our group over the last couple of years. We started out with watching a film from the Shifu. He spoke of not being involved with fortune tellers. Beside sometimes pushing their own agenda, theirs is at best limited to Human experience. It is better to practice Chan and connect ourselves to the Universal Tao. He then went through another method of meditation. Which most of us had done before, but it was good to review. It helped make it clearer for me.

Afterward the senior Shixong ( brother)  who was leading the group spoke on his impressions and lessons he got from the film. Afterward he asked if anyone else wanted to say something. Everyone was silent, which is usually the case. They are a very quiet group. Then he asked me by name, oh, jheeze! I was ok just to sit and listen as well, but now I was singled out, so I felt I needed to say something. The elder Shixong studied Kung fu before so some of his talk was built on that and about his ego and also about suffering while sitting and suffering while doing horse stance training.  I usually relate well to him because of our shared martial training.  This was the ground work for my ‘talk” going beyond discomfort in sitting meditation, in stance training. Relaxing into the pain, becoming one with it, in order to over come it, go beyond it. Same with reaching what feels to be a plateau in one’s life, in one’s sitting, in one’s training. Persevering, sometimes persevering is not something physical but spiritual. You can do all you can do on one level but need to persevere on another. To me it meant relaxing and letting the Tao do it’s thing. In a sense accepting this is all you can do, and relaxing into the moment. Enjoying the now fully, learning from the now fully, maybe suffer in the now fully ( life is not all good times), before you can go to the next level.

Maybe that is what is happening with Apt situation. Waiting over a week for an answer.




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12 02 2009

If you’ll let me stretch some…wonder with me a bit. I wonder if the initial impulse to live, to seek, to desire, to love is not, at least a little, aggressive. Or violent. To usurp sensation to the degree a baby must, must be somewhat terrible. And ecstatic.

To sit between the terror and ecstasy…that is the Qi. And to extend more and more, encompassing both the horror and the kind, seems a bit bigger.

My forever worry about meditation and kindness is that they attempt to sever violence, as if it’s tangetial, from core, human experience. I may be a Spirit, but if I seek a Human experience, I want a genuine experience. Terror, elegance, horror, and delight: may I find all of you.

12 02 2009

The thing about Chan practice is it understands yin and yang are both part of everything. We choose how we roll.

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