So it begins…Yatta!

15 02 2009

So the ordeal with the Apt is resolved…

The I-Ching said when I asked in the beginning of this Headache. #34 to #4  with a couple of moving lines. So for those who do not understand what the heck I am talking about : When you have a changing hexigram reading. It means, the first Hexagram has to do with now, the energies that are currently surrounding the situation lets say. Mine was power. Now when you have changing lines, or moving lines as they are called they speak of something important, directly pertaining to your situation. Mine had two lines, which tells of a strong future possibility of what to expect. Mine was another form of power basically success with some conditions.  The full reading came out saying I was in a good place , but I could expect things to work out well after some misc frustrations. As it turn out, I had to jump through many many hoops to please the owners of the building. I was beyond frustrated, I was disgusted and weary. This went on for two weeks. The new to be owner is pressuring me to let him know, are we staying or going. I reached a point of needing to recompose myself. Then finally…ta da, we were approved!! woohoo!! OMG the timing could not have been better for all the pieces to come together! God is with us.

The day before Valentine’s day, Yatta! it is settled. Good God that was almost as bad as trying to get a loan for the Condo. Now the packing begins. Today is Valentine’s Day…LZ made pancakes for breakfast


and later in the day we went for a walk around the lake across the street from us. It had been awhile since we had done that. I thought it would be good to get out today and be thankful and share perhaps our last stroll here.


We, well, LZ started packing today, I started weeks ago, packing, ebaying unused stuff. Now it is real to her and she said how grateful she felt to have lived in our condo for the time we did. It does seem a bit  surreal that we are really moving from here now.  It has been a blessing to have this place. In some ways, the fall of the economy has been helpful. We really when thinking about it have not lost much if anything in buying our condo.  We put min. money down, made money, Refi’d, paid off some bills, purchased a few things, had all of our family and friends over, good  tax refunds, I had a place to teach class. Now no worries about what to do with it once we move to Japan, or a huge ballon payment in 30 yrs. My guardian angel has been on the job for us and now we get to move to a very cool new place. Also the sense of freedom is nice, we can move when and where we need to and no huge debt over our heads and still kept the boat. It was a good to try to do the right thing and get a lawyer to help with the Condo  and mortgage problem rather than the perhaps bad Karma of just walking away. For sure it would have been a nightmare trying to rent anyplace  that was worthwhile, it was difficult wnough as it was.  Yokatta! The only down side I can see so far is not having an empty club house to teach my Kung Fu class. There are however several large parks in the area and I feel something will work . The Tao will provide as always. Do good, attract good. Even if it does not seem like it at the time. Keeping the faith is the hard part. It is easy to get lost in the negative when the storms of life are blowing around you. It is our daily challange/ zen practice to stay balanced and grateful.




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15 02 2009

so sweet!

15 02 2009

Desho!!!! (^_^)

15 02 2009

Congratulations! What a relief for you guys. Ironically, we too just got word on a new place we’ve been waiting to get into, needed to get into, and on Friday we heard we could move in today. Something’s in the air.

15 02 2009

@ E : it must be that time eh!! Congrats to you guys also !!!

15 02 2009

Awesome!! Yes, thank you Jesus, Buddha, Rama Krishna, Muhammad, Holy Mother, Mother Mary, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Bodhisattvas, all the Saints and Angles, the Great Spirit and of course the Universe for conspiring for our success!

Truth is one. Sages call it by various names.

Looking forward to your call this evening.

15 02 2009

Indeed sister, indeed!

15 02 2009
Invisible Dragon

Glad to hear it worked out for you. I’m working on allowing Tao to work at its pace. again congrads.

16 02 2009

That is the challenge at times, being still and letting Tao…

15 02 2009

Yippee!!! very happy for you two! have a glass of wine or sake on my behalf please!

16 02 2009

Merci Frankie, I’ll toast one for you!

15 02 2009

Balanced and grateful, yes. Smile and Breathe.

17 02 2009

I am so happy things worked out for you!! Congrats!

17 02 2009

Thanks Shirl. We are jazzed. Although me somewhat less so now since I found out about the “red liquefaction zone” ( earthquake stuff)

Of course I still ride a motorcycle, some say that is worse 🙂

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