It’s a small world after all…

16 02 2009

the_world_belongs_to_youThe Blogsphere is pretty amazing ne! One connects with folks from all over, relates, develops friendships. How would/could this have happened if not for the internet?! I have met several people live from my sailing blog I think somewhere around 5 or 6 peeps. Nice folks, most sailors tend to be nice folks , we are a different culture. On this side of the blogsphere, I have not met in person but a couple, but still have connected with outside of page comments. There is my net mate, from Jolly Ole England, Val who travels to Japan, studies Zen,  does Tai Chi, BaQua, gardening and has done some sailing. She is a blogger as well, with great pictures and other varid interest.  Then there is mon ami in France, Frankie.  A sailor who has sailed the south seas, and is a potter. Frankie is pretty amazing herself. We have not only chatted a bit via blog, and Facebook, but also via Google chat. Of course there are LZ’s and I’s close buds the Japan Delegation with webmaster Zurui who runs Black Tokyo . A pretty informative blog on the life and culture of Japan from a long time resident and former TV personality. We actually met before it was a Blog perse, it was a forum at the time. It was full of interesting and some radical folks from around the world interested in the  Japan culture. Another friend we met is running  It is a fun to read blog about his perspective on life in Japan, from an ex-Orange country, Humbolt Co, Germany, San Francisco mind view of things . He and his family live in Kobe Japan, near my sister in law. So we got to meet them and hang out on our last visit.  Pretty cool ne!

Last night I had the pleasure of chatting on the phone with another cool couple from So Cal. They study Zen, do movie productions and both have blogs, we break the stereotypes of who we are type cast to be in the standard American view of things. Their kids and my grand kids have the same ethnic makeup. D’s blog Random thoughts are her, well random thoughts from a Mexican-American perspective on life, Zen practice, and family. They had just moved to a new home like we are getting ready to do. When I spoke with her, she said she had been going over in her head about how to arrange things there. Just before I called, I was thinking the same about our up coming new place. Not just the decoration though, also how I could do the Feng Shui reading before setting it up along with maybe doing a computer drawing of the layout as well as where I can find some Sage to burn to purify the place. Yeah I’m out there like that. D’s hubby, E writes a blog called No More Race. We share many of the same interest and out looks, beside being in a mixed marriage, followers of Zen, and of Nubian heritage. He says our lives and experiences run parrell in many ways. We are hopeful the Tao will place us together sometime in the near future, it would be great to hang with them. There is a saying in Zen , that though we think we are unique in the world, we are not really

…(everyone sing)

It ‘s a small world after all.




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17 02 2009

Yeah it is really amazing this world wide web. It is hard to think how we made it 20 years ago. I remember when all our information was through the library and traditional media. Makes me wonder what’s next that we can’t even foresee. The young ones are in for some amazing times ahead. And yet as I was meditating last night, a thought popped into my head (you know how monkey mind works and boy have I had monkey mind lately) but I thought meditation, as ancient as the technique is, is still so cool and so peaceful, even more so in our lightning fast world.

But we too are thrilled to know you and LZ and the folks we’re connecting with through this wonderful internet.

17 02 2009

Yes, meditation, so cool, so peaceful and SO important in our fast paced world!!!
I always find it amazing how many of the old ways, so timeless are still so important in our modern world.

17 02 2009

It is a small world, including yours, I read all three of the blogs you just posted about. I am constantly amazed at the degrees of relativity that bring people together. Shirl

18 02 2009
White Lion

Although I never meditated what i have read appears to be all positive.

1 03 2009

Ah thanks for the mention. But now I have THAT tune (its a small world) running through my mind. Its what one friend calls an “ear worm”. Takes me back to our trip to Disney in Florida when my girls were young. Not only their delight, but some oldsters who had been on THAT ride three times, one to look left, one to look right, and one to look up!

My t’ai chi teacher (and potter) is having a year out from teaching, maybe longer, and I respect her reasons, but some of the the class are asking me to find an alternative person and place to study…… I will keep you informed, as I may probably not post on my blog about something so sensitve. Good news on the horizon though, as long as we are not attached to any views or things!

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