Kyudo/Sadō weekend @ Shambala center day II

23 02 2009

I needed  a change of venue this was a good mini get-a way from dealing with packing, job hunting, thoughts of diminishing  funds and the like. It was a worth while treat for my spirit. The embedded Chi from the Shambala center, the added Chi of the Kyudo group, the spiritual left from group Meditation and practice, sharing Tea and food.


On day two more people showed up along with the senior Oni-san.  After our morning Meditation he spoke some on carrying parts of meditation over to our Kyudo practice and parts of Kyudo to our daily lives. Interconnection. After a while of practice the next topic was how we share energy in practice, and should be aware of how our chi effects others in the dojo and theirs effects ours. Things that Tai Chi and Meditation groups are aware of on a regular basis in our practice. He also said, what the Kyudo master in Japan said, you also learn by watching and relating what you see to yourself, in Chan it would be non-duality.

I had a couple of unexpected energizing moments. I was told by the senior Oni-san that I had improved. Considering how little time I get to really spend shooting, I was pleased to hear I was making progress. My shots have been feeling better, and I have been applying the helpful corrections given to me by others. So that was good to hear. Perhaps more so since the guy from the “other school” said you can not make progress shooting once in a while. The other big surprise was I had inquired on the cost of having a set of Ya made. I thought it maybe a worthwhile investment to have my own since I wanted to shoot at least monthly @ RS Dojo. I was presented a generous gift of a new pair by another Oni-san. Wow, that was a treat out of the blue! That made my weekend for real, like the icing on the cake. With all the packing, I have been giving away a lot things lately that I think people have a need for or will like or be useful.   I guess some of that giving away Karma came back. Very Cool.


After the ebb and flow of energy with the morning practice it was lunch time. We had a pot luck this time. It was nice, there was a good deal of food and a bunch of it was veggies. Nice.


I did not pig out but I did eat enough to be stomach pleased with out over doing it. during the break.  I had a conversation with an other member I had not met before, he studies Tai Chi. We spoke of the similar aspects of both arts and the interrelationship of  them. To some they may look different, but they are all the same. Just another expression of the “zen” mind.

Afterward, more practice,


some picture taking,


and some Green Tea consumption to wake up. There were several little interactive group chats and gatherings on Yumis, and the like.


A very social atmosphere at times. Yet it also flowed easily from serious quiet practice to casual small conference.  It was a excellent way to spend a rainy day.


and now back to packing and the move…




6 responses

24 02 2009
Rick Matz

What a nice outing. Regarding improving even though you haven’t been shooting a lot – in my experience if you make progress in one area of your life, your training; you make progress else where too.

25 02 2009

Yes, and sometimes your body learns on its own, so to speak, without your brain analysing it. You have to let this happen too.

27 02 2009

Try this, next time: Imagine that a killer beast is coming straight at you and that the only way for you to survive is to shoot an arrow in its eye… I bet you won’t worry too much on how your feet are placed, etc. Talent is based on ‘instinct’. You have to allow for that too. That’s what I meant.

19 03 2009
Matsuoka, Sérgio Kiyioshi

Oi, sou um praticante de kyudo no Brasil, não tenho professor, pratico sozinho através de livro, tive iniciação de kyudo no japão em 2000, na cidade de Nagahama em Shigaken, aqui no Brasil temos um Federação de Kyudo no Estado do Rio de Janeiro mas fica muito longe de minha cidade, estou no Pantanal Mato grossense. gosto de ver video de treinamento de kyudo, se voces quiserem mandar alguns vidoes de seus treinamentos eu agradeceria muito. Obrigado. I sorry, I am not Understan very english.

21 03 2009

Espanol yo pedo entiendo, pero, Portugese, no pedo 🙂
Gracias por visitando Matsuoka-san

Nisei or sansei Nihon jin desuka?

21 08 2009
Marcelo F

Mi nombre es Marcelo, practico kyudo desde hace unos 10 años, habiendo aprendido en Japon y ahora tenemos un kyudojo en Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina.
En el reciente seminario de las Americas en South Carolina, USA, comenzo a desarrollarse a nivel panamericano la Kyudo Alliance, con el objeto de ayudar a aquellos que como vos estan lejos de escuelas de practica y la guia de maestros. Me gustaria estar en contacto contigo para desarrollar esas ideas. Mi correo es
PD. escribe en portuques, no hay problema para entender!

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