It’s on…the wind blows, the water flows

26 02 2009

calendar-pixNow that the refreshing break of Kyudo practice is over, the packing for the move has been in full effect and motion. There are boxes everywhere in our unit. I am surprised how much stuff there is. Even with not much furniture, there is still a lot of stuff, both boxed and to be box. Books, books, ceramics, Cd’s, dishes, books, tapes, stuff.  Did I say books?  I guess that is normal, if compared to others we may have less stuff than average. However what is average?

Mean while I have been working on the Feng Shui audit for the new Apt. It is not as good as the one for our condo was for us. The new place will need much more balancing of Chi. Having the Bay right there across the street helps over all, but our unit needs Chi work. The living room is not really too bad, over all it is good, the bedroom is the problem area. Being that 6-8 hours a day min is spent there is is important to get that area balanced better for us, our chi patterns. LZ and I are lucky in that our Chi flow patterns are alike, but it is not matched with the Apt, so that needs to be worked on as much as possible. There are other parts/ sections of the apt that are not perfect but areas like the bathroom, and dining area are not that important because not much time is spent there. The areas one spends the most time in are the ones that NEED to be balanced for/to the occupants of the home.  Anyway I first thought the unit was money locked, but further research shows it is not. Yokatta! These days that is way helpful as tight as things are, that could be tragic. However yet again the Force is with us.

So a little about Feng Shui ( meaning wind and water) for those who do not know. Basically it is the balancing of energy or “chi” ( Chinese) or “ki” ( Japanese).  Chi is something in everything, a life force, a magnetic flied of sorts.  Ki is what they deal with in the art of Aikido, Chi in Chi Gung, Ki in Karate, Chi in acupuncture, Chi in the meditation focus of Chan and Yoga, dealing with Chakras.. The Art of Feng Shui balances those energies. If you look on a Nautical map there are compass roses. These show where the magnetic fields are read. There are several on a map and they vary in readings, because the fields change from place to place, that is how it is with Chi and reading it in Feng Shui. We have a Chi reading, the house has a chi reading, different places in the house have different readings. Some reading change each year, some over a period of years. I do not do the “new age” version of Feng Shui known popularly as the Black Hat Sect. I do the Traditional Chinese Method of Feng Shui as taught by Sang LA and Yu Shifu in Canada, both my teachers. These traditional methods involve compass readings and calculations , not just placing a generic Ba Qua form over a room. Traditional Feng Shui does not use mirrors, or wind chimes in the house (in the house, there is no wind, duh). I was pleased and surprised to hear from LZ that Feng Shui is also fairly big in Japan, that gives me another skill outlet to work with there. BTW, if anyone wants a analysis of their home let me know ( I can use the money) , It can be done via email with some data from you.

Anyway, with things as they are it is to important to be in harmony as much as possible with the Tao of life and my environment. Logical for sailing over seas to have the most harmonious sail, logical for living, ergo sailing through life. Anyway all part of the big move that is on…this weekend.

For now it is packing packing packing. A little bit of trviva. There is a lady who is planning alos to sail to Japan with her family.  Her mother is from Okinawa. Also a fellow blogger, she is moving this weekend as well, several blocks from us. Omoshiroi ne! A Chan sister lives down the street from us with her Husband as well. . Sisuk’s photgraphy shop is only 10min or so away.  That gives us more people we know in the area already then where we are now. The next big thing once there, beside finding a job , is finding a place to teach my class. If this is in keeping with the Tao, it too will happen, the Great Spirit will provide. There is always the large park down the street. It will happen, everything else has fallen into place,  it’s on…




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2 03 2009

Thanks for the lesson. Interestingly, we don’t know much about feng shui but we always decorate our house in a Zen style. It gives us a great sense of peace, and we very often hear visitors say our home is so peaceful and tranquil, and often they don’t know why but they feel relaxed. There is indeed something to layout I think.

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