A whole new world

15 03 2009

It has been two weeks now, we are finally  settled in to the new digs. For my Japan readers this  (digs) means home or house/apt. There are still a few minor things I need to move, but for the most part it is a matter of only two trips.  I decided to chill out this weekend and not make any hauls  and focus on the Apt.


early morning moonset

I spent some time setting up the lanai for spring planting. I want to set in a few herbs and veggies as well as a couple of flowers since we are finally in a place that has some sun shine. I will use some control and not go nuts with too much. Herbs: basil, rosemary, parsley, cilantro some chive and a Japanese herb which I forget the name of.. Veggies: Tomatoes, cukes, some peppers, I wonder if I can grow some green beans and garlic or scallions. I will need to check. I think that is enough for a small lanai garden. Mix in some Lavender, Bamboo, a Red Japanese Maple and  Calli-lily, that should be a nice mix. We’ll see how it turns out.


O Jizou-san

I took a stroll down the along the trail next to the bay on Friday, to do a little check out of the neighborhood. The weather was great, the views interesting. At the end of our street and the beginning of the trail there is a small statue of a Buddha. LZ called it a Jizou-san. The protector of the neighborhood. Common in Japan, there are not many Japanese here but there are a lot of Chinese, so it must be fairly common there in China as well.

view from the trail

view from the trail

It is interesting seeing the change of nature everyday. One really gets a sense of nature change here, seeing the water, full sky and the effects of the wind.


All the water fowl from the marsh and reserve add flavor to  peace of the area.


Being able to see it all from our home adds to the treat of being connected to the world instead of hidden away with the window shades mostly closed. Only dreamed of living in a spot life this. One never knows where the paths of life will lead you when flowing with the Tao.


Our early dinner today was homemade pizza, 2 buck chuck wine ( Shaw), edamame beans. Watched the sunset at the end. Simple pleasures are a good thing being grateful brings great joy.

Sunset over the Bay

Sunset over the Bay

So far life is good on the island.




6 responses

16 03 2009
Weilong Wang

It sounds like you’ve got a nice place. It’s certainly a lovely view.

16 03 2009

The moonset and sunset look quiet and peaceful.

17 03 2009

Sounds really peaceful. The place for you.

21 03 2009
Mike Garofalo

I always am delighted to view your lovely photographs, and read your insightful comments. Best wishes for a fine Spring.

21 03 2009

So ka, Thanks, Such praise deserves a link 🙂 back at cha!

24 03 2009

Lovely to hear that your feet have some productive soil to be planted in! Nice place.

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