Looking at the water, hands in the dirt

19 03 2009

I took off from Web class today, no big lost. I’m not really getting anything out of it at this point. The deep geek, PHP and MySQL is not sinking in and most of the time gives me the nods ( translation: puts me to sleep, for my Nihonjin readers) . The Instructor of the class does not really have a course setup for this so I am basically reading the book and figuring it out on my own. I can do that at home. Anyway the class is almost done and I am just working on my personal web sites and figuring out stuff. Another week I’m done, with the move from the condo and the class. It is all in the timing.


Today I kicked ( relaxed) it at home, for the most part it was a gardening day. I did some planting I wanted to get done and some re-potting. It was good to work in the soil in my little Lanai garden over looking the bay. I got everything done I had planned. I even found I some Calla-Lilly bulbs in a pot which had been dormant, I can replant them. Perfect!


I also used the old soil from some past no so successful planting so LZ could have the pots. She wanted to try her hand at some gardening this year and did not want old dirty dirt. She wanted clean dirt, ^_^  less likely to have bugs …


I was also able to go to Chinatown and help out Sisuk and Simo for a bit with some registration issues with their website. Sisuk said he would get me some more hours at the shop now that my EDD is done and Simo has some ideas she wants me to work with her on. I do not except much but a few hours here and there from this and that will add up. I also received a email from a new security that wants me to work with them. They will get me into their training program ASAP. So I figure to be doing some work by mid April. Interestingly that is when the Physic said things would be better…as in both of us will be working.


Another project done today was to setup my office/studio area in the new digs. This Apt is only a one bedroom but it is larger than our old condo so I can make some space for my work area and keep the living room area clear of  my stuff ^_^

Today will be the first day of the Kung Fu classes here in A-town. I picked out a spot yesterday to hold the class in the park. It should be ok, as long as there is no rain, it is also under a light so when it gets dark we can still keep at it. We’ll see how it goes. For me it is not a big deal. Even when we are down at Shifu’s we generally practice in the parking lot there is more room, unless it is really really cold or raining hard. So hopefully by winter I will have found a place indoors. Maybe even picked up enough new students to afford to rent a small space. That would be way cool! We’ll see what the Tao has planned.

Anyway , that is the local news from the island.




2 responses

21 03 2009

Did you put your pot plants up so that they can see the view?!!!
As for the clean dirt and the dirty dirt see which one the plants like best!

21 03 2009

Hehah, The plants are raised to get full sun. Yes, we’ll see which they prefer for the soil.

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